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The Path


___ on a journey through a journey to a journey. .5senses and tools, tests and proof, yet with left no clue he’ hither and thither on countless turnings’ . . .

___ like a playful kid, dusts dirt off an old chest, sink in’ seeking reasons why that bird never came back to it’s old nest’. .for pleasures of reality, he lost his taste, got down to brass tracks’, crafts arts’ to find that’ never lost in space’

___ seek ye the kingdom!!! for it will bring us’ the freedom’. . .and only the righteous shall inherit the earth’, ..but at the end, earth’ will burn!!. .the truth become’ brittle, doctrines bore holes in religion like weevils; belief in the unseen, dreams and soul-travel _ what is a sin and what is evil??’

___ life is our’ race , we strife not to be out-paced’, that success be commensurate with our age’ and here’s rabbi’ with words in our face’ . .”for d rich to make heaven is like camel through a needle eye!” but shouldn’t he be living by’ his words said so bold? the preacher’ with diamonds and garments laced with gold’. .

___ perfection was formed with no deformity in implants’, earth and nature with it’s multiformity’ and then man’ . .and by a coitus’ of fate and thirst for variety’..,the path to perfection like a burning candle’ melts away by his first bite’…..

…..and we’re still on that path to find a path we long parted from. . . .the path to perfection.

A Poem by NUMB
Exclusive to NaijaVibe.Net

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