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Tiwa Savage goes braless as she covers Blanck magazine’s new issue | Photos

Blanck magazine with Tiwa Savage

In an interview with the editor Tiwa Savage Balogun talks about returning home, her massive successes and controversies as well as her thoughts on feminism and over sexualisation of music videos.

Let’s talk about nudity and over sexualisation of music videos. Would you say that this is a selling point for your brand?
Definitely not! There are a lot of sexy women in the industry and I’m still selling. So if it was just sexiness that sells my music, people would have forgotten about me by now. But first and foremost, the music is important, everything else is a part of a package and I think that people generally know that music is in me and is my first love. I studied music, so I always concentrate more on it. If the music is right then everything is packaging. They are the things we use in drawing attention to the brand. For me, I think my brand has a heathy balance. All my videos tell different stories about the individual behind the music.

Are you a feminist?
No! I don’t think I am. (Laughs). Ok, may be a passive feminist. With regards to baring one’s body on stage, I don’t think it’s proper to attack the ladies for doing this, while you give nods to their male counterparts for doing the exact same thing. I think people need to learn how to separate the job from who the artist really is. What you do on stage is a job and not necessarily who you are. There’s a time for everything. God created sex and we are supposed to be sexy as well as we are wholesome; smart, intelligent etc. There are times when I know I’m supposed to appear on stage in a classy and simple but cute dress but there are other times where I’m expected to take some fashion risks depending on the kind of crowd I am performing to.

Feature credits:
Words by Franka Chiedu
Photography by Seye Isikalu
Styled by Bella Adeleke
Make up by Rasheeda for OTS beauty
Hair by Ayoola

Tiwa Savage goes braless

Tiwa Savage goes braless as she covers Blanck magazine

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