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Tonto Dikeh, I will expose your dirty secrets if you keep flaunting gifts online – Blog reader

Tonto Dikeh June 2014 NaijaVibe

A reader of MPN blog is pissed with the actress Tonto Dikeh for flaunting photos of expensive birthday gifts gotten for herself and from others. The reader who commented anonymously as threatened to expose her past with proof if she continues.

Read the comment below:

Tonto Dike, we all know Nollywood do not pay you upto 500k naira per movie, when last did you shot any movie? You started the ashewo that brought you to Lekki with Charles Orie, former Reginald Askia guy back then, 2009 was when Charles paid 2 pimps 1m naira to arrange you for him, you In a location in Enugu when they called you to tell you that Charles Orie wants to pay you 5 million naira for 3 nights. You quickly agreed and took the next flight coming from Portharcort to Nigeria and nd checked into protea hotel in GRA ikeja March 2009. Then you tonto could even and afford 20k naira dress or shoe, you wr looking very cheap the night I saw you at Dplace night club with Charles orie. Anyway Charles kept to his promised by paying the 5 million naira and you spent 3 nights in protea hotel gra ikeja. 2weeks after Charles rented you an apt in lekki phase1, and 1 month after you and Charles traveled to yankee and he bought you that your hummer and gave you 15m naira. Tonto that was how you join the league of big babe’s in town. What am trying to say is this, you did make your money from acting, or from any hard work like others do, you make you little cash by sleeping with married men and some dirty rich guys in town. Am going to remain anonymous for now, but if you push me by posting all this your gifts that you got from this your mugus, I will send and post some of your old pics with Charles to linda and stella or post them myself. Tonto, you better get something serious to do and stop sleeping with married men that offer to sleep with you from 2m to 5m per night. I really don’t see anything you that will make them pay so much.look linda, this story is a true story and tonto know is true. The pics at the protea dey ground ooo, the once for dplace dey also . I Go TALK Much again.


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