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Top 10 celeb beefs that made 2014 interesting


As the year comes to an end, it is time to take stock of the highs and lows that bogged down the entertainment industry and in some cases, injected the needed drama to carry us all along and switch things up when they began to get boring.

Here’s a select list of ten ‘celebrity wars’ that caught our attention as they perturbed the still waters in 2014.

Wizkid vs Davido – There is perhaps no other contender for beef of the year. When two elephants fight, the grass suffers. Fans were enjoying Davido’s releases as the Starboy endured a dip in fortunes, with his subdued form showing in the paucity of cohesiveness in his singles. Social media was divided almost evenly along the lines of both performers. The true cause of the dispute isn’t exactly known but ego was definitely a root cause with some suggesting that each act’s loyalty in the wake of the Mo Hits Records’ breakup a few years ago, was responsible. Also, Wizkid supposedly had a sold-out show at an overseas venue where his arch-nemesis had previously flopped. Both young men have made up twice this year but we expect a renewal of hostilities in 2015, even as Davido gears towards the release of his own sophomore album.

Laura Ikeji & Linda Ikeji vs Yvonne Nelson – Perhaps the first official celebrity beef of the year. Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson was at loggerheads with the popular blogger, accusing her of publishing false information about her for traffic’s sake. Ms. Ikeji responded, claiming that someone from the actress’s camp had sent her a story about a movie in which Nelson’s old flame, playboy Iyanya was set to also star in. In the end, Laura Ikeji got involved into the ensuing drama, hurling insults per second at the leggy actress.

AyeDee vs Linda Ikeji – Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Neither does it have any comparable to that of Mr Aye Dee who ensured that Linda Ikeji cried for the first time in a while, for the extremely grave offence of not replying to messages from someone as important as himself for over a year. His response was to petition Google to take down the world-famous blog over issues of content plagiarism. Both actors have moved on to greater heights; the one positioning himself on social media as an expert on anything from Senator Obanikoro to html tags while the other has employed staff to help run her business.

Wizkid vs Samklef – The king of pop was apparently also the king of beefs for 2014, doing better on the battlefield than with his sophomore album. Samklef, his longtime friend and erstwhile producer may have been wrong in having a sense of entitlement but sources swear that the younger artiste has always had a condescending attitude. Everything points to the fact that the Molowo Noni hitmaker was just one of many who had been dumped because he was no longer needed and is in continual descent into irrelevance. Sources say the excuse of Klef’s beats being amateurish, was really just an excuse.

Wizkid vs Sarz – This was the year of Wizkid, just not in the way we would have preferred. King of bespoke beats and former Trybe Records signee, Sarz is well-respected across the length and breadth of Africa for unleashing hit instrumental after hit instrumental on the continent and providing good service for some of the most talented acts on the continent, including Wizkid. Fans of the duo were stunned to read revelations about the producer’s style being mocked by his former buddy in a chat on Twitter.

Wizkid vs Saeon – Wizkid and upcomer, Saeon had a pretty good collaboration this year but not once was the song promoted on the former’s social media pages. His reputation for arrogance peaked when he announced that they were not friends and had only had a business deal so he wasn’t obliged to help do anything to help the song “blow”.

Burna Boy vs Wale Gates – The industry’s undisputed number one bad boy just can’t seem to shed off that toga. One of his pictures on Instagram set off a caustic reply from comedian, Wale Gates and birthed a heated back-and-forth dialogue on social media. As sources in the Aristokrat Records camp claim, one of the main reasons for the Don Gorgon crooner’s unceremonious exit from the label that brought him to fame was that he demanded that a house be BOUGHT for him. The request did not go down well with the label hierarchy and was refused; Wale Gates seemingly knows a thing or two about the background story, hence the comment about buying the house one lives in. The drama died a natural death even as Burna insisted that he owns his current apartment of residence.

Claron Chukwurah Abiola vs Ibinabo Fiberesima  – They may have taken pictures together at the African Movie Academy Awards in May but make no mistake the cold war and tussle for control of the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria, continues behind the scenes. Clarion Chukwurah, a veteran actress with far more movies behind her belt seems to have been angered by among other things, the manner in which funds donated by the Presidency have been utilized (read as “shared”) by the current leadership of the thespians’ body. This made her and some others to clamour to head the organization but Fiberesima’s power moves have put paid to such ideas, culminating in the public spat between both women.

Olamide vs Linda Ikeji – The popular blogger had more than her fair share of battles this year, with one coming from a totally unexpected angle. Everyone’s favourite, Olamide took shots at her for publishing inaccurate details about his personal life with Linda diffusing the tension by responding that she was still a fan regardless of the slander from the rapper.

Tchidi Chikere vs Sophia Chikere  – In what will easily go down as one of the scandals of the year, the Nollywood actor and producer and his ex-wife were at each other’s throats circa April 2014. His new wife, fellow actor, Nuella Njubigbo was also involved in the drama, supporting her new man and claiming not to have control over her love for him. Enough action for a proper movie.


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