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Top 5 Artists that you must add to your playlist


With all that’s happening around the world it is normal that many industries slow down, and that is what’s happening to the entertainment business. From sports leagues, like the basketball NBA expert picks, to musician’s tours and summer festivals, coronavirus has left us without much to look forward.

Lots of promotional events have been postponed everywhere, from movie releases, sporting events, concerts, and new albums coming out.

However, that does not have to stop us, with many of us staying inside, we are looking for new stuff to do and content to consume, here’s where we come into place.

We’ve been trying to see what you’d like to consume, and well there’s nothing more invigorating that listening to something that comes from a place near your heart, that’s how we look for these 5 artists to pay attention to this 2020. We all must stay inside for our own wellbeing and our families, so let’s do it in style and listening to some real banger songs.

The people at Complex magazine, accurately described Tems‘ voice as piercing, and we could not agree more, the depth and intensity of her voice takes you somewhere else, accompanying them with a raspy touch that’s just the most soul encapsulating thing. Tems’ last single was released in 2019, it’s called “Try Me” and you definitely should give it a listen.

There are ways to build good foundations to a career in a short period of times, or so I’ve seen it with JoeBoy, a singer born in the state of Lagos. Born out EmPawa Africa, JoeBoy went straight to the radio stations and to top African charts as soon as possible, with two of his super enjoyable songs and right now super hits, “Beginning” and “Baby“.

You can go a bit more upbeat with Oxlade, the 23-year-old musician has quickly gotten the hang of it, and has released multiple singles this last couple of years, his Youtube Channel barely surpasses 2200 subscribers, but his single “Shugar” is over 150k views, proving how catchy, and fitted to dance his music is, upbeat and even “feels” colorful. What he describes as “Afro-fusion” will be what we are going to be dancing to this couple of months.

We have to include this 25-year-old talent from Ghana, called Kwesi Arthur, whose combination of rap and afrobeats are as catchy as can be, with his voice and lyrics that get you bopping your head every time his tunes start to play.
His growth has been persistent since he started his way in the music business being nominated for Best International New Act for the 2018 BET Awards.

She ain’t playing at all, she has an insane, and a banger song as her Flagship at the moment “IHY” gives Somadina this space here in this list. The R&B components she let’s go and plays around within “IHY” are amazing. She has been splitting her time between Lagos and the UK because of her studies, but she’s made quite the impact with “IHY”.

The song is beautiful and breaks your heart and if that’s the song let me tell you that her EP Five Stages, concerning the stages of grieving, is something else, and you should be going to her Spotify page to enjoy it.
The fact that we’re staying in the for some time should not break our spirit or our intentions and ideas, so let’s find new stuff to do, new content to consume and give us that outlet that we might be needing now. Okay, that’s our list I’m sure we’ve left out someone that you think I definitely should’ve mentioned, so you should let us know in the comments, and interact with us on our social media.


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