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Toyin Lawani shares graphic photos from her fibroid operation

Popular stylist and business woman, Toyin Lawani who revealed that she had Fibriod while she was pregnant with her two children, shared the graphic photos from the operation she had to remove the fibroid. She shared the photo and wrote

“I begged @celebdrto take pictures for me during my process and I got it Recorded for my Reality show#Lifeofanenterpreneur,didnt wnt to post earlier cse i hate pity,also didn’t wnt 2gross out people,but had to post cse i realize frm d mails,i got frm my fellow ladies,that we have too many ignorant people out there and what they don’t know is,*This shit kills* imagine when my non stop big chunks of lumpy bleeding started,if i was far away from a clinic?

one of d Questions asked through my email,can u hv babies after the procedure,well yes u can,As u can see my womb was stitched bck and with healing,i can carry a baby to term..Alot of people dnt get pregnant due to it, .You can Even seal up ur womb after u take in,to aviod miscarriage due to your fibriods,worst is to hv them and get pregnant,you will have something called Red degeneration from abt 4months,up it stops abt 7 to 8months,i cldnt work nor walk during this process,my son is lucky to be here,you have to be one strong woman like me,for your baby to survive it,The pain is so unbearable and thrs little d docs cn give u cse whatever they give u,can harm baby,And thrs this laparoscopic morcellator technique now that spreads cancer cell on ur uterus,it’s a better way of Doing it and not getting cut/scar, but it’s dangerous,Some people even believe in taking herbs,well it might melt it for a while bt it will come back,i hv seen people bleed to death due to concussions they gv them to drink to shrink it,The sideffect of d medical drugs dt even shrinks it,makes u hate sex,cause fibriods makes sex more painful and imagine if you have a partner that can’t keep it in his pants or a partner who want babies so bad &ur tubes gets blocked by ds,while u are calming to be in pain,he will just be spreading Babies Everywhr,during the surgery some women lose their wombs due to non stop bleeding.Alot of people say but Atm ur tummy is flat,how come you have 3fibriods..well other days my stomach swells up and I pee every sec.please contact @celebdr for free Questions and safe surgery .Nothing to be scared about,God will guide you.

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