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Micheal handed the sum of 100k to tracy, she was so shocked, wondering what kind of man he is, taking the money she dropped her handbag counted the money and threw it straight at him. My virginity is not worth 100k, you took something from me without asking for it, I counted this money to know how much you think it costs. As she stepped out of the gate she looked at the house one more time,tears dropping.
She kept wondering, why who would believe me when I tell them I got raped, in a friend’s place. Oh! GOD why me! I should have stayed back in school,my parents would kill me. Tracy got back to school, headed straight to her room, took off her clothes and headed straight to the bathroom. Lost in her thoughts, the minutes slowly ticked to hours suddenly she heard a loud knock, “Abeg! commot for bathroom na, me self won baff”
Tracy stepped out of the bath feeling so sad,wondering what to do, she went straight to the room wore something comfortable. She wanted to be sure everything was ok. She took a motorcycle to the gate boarded a bus to a clinic close to Wuse bus stop.
She got down crossed the road and entered she saw the receptionist booked an appointment and waited to see the doctor. After ten minutes,she was called in.

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