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Trucks On Our Roads Does Not Make Any Sense – Femi Branch

images 8Femi Branch has reacted to how trucks are showing up on the streets of Lagos State again after they were nowhere to be found recently.

If you recall, days back, when Muhammadu Buhari stormed Lasgidi, the trucks were not visible in any form or shape.

But shockingly, as soon as the President exited the state, they started showing up again. This pissed Femi Branch off so he decided to speak up about it.

His words, “We r tired of this in Lagos. How can Bridges be transformed to Trailer Parks?! Will the powers that be deny knowing of this menace?! Of how many lives have been lost already thanks to their negligence and care-free attitude?!”

The President came and d trucks disappeared. He leaves and they r back?! So who’s fooling who?! What is Dangote’s role in this as I noticed a whole bunch of the Trucks are his?

Is it that the richest Black man alive cannot afford to build Trailer Parks for his Trucks?! This whole thing is just not making sense!”

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