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Uche Jombo Sheds More Light On Gender Equality Bill


In the wake of the comments made by Olori of Ile Ife earlier this week, below is what Uche Jombo posted on her page
Let’s be clear #ujlovers. Gender roles/ responsibilities and gender equality are different things, the fact that some people think / believe there are the same is why #genderequalitybill didn’t go through #Nigeriansenate

With or without the bill there are women (which i am one of) that will succeed regardless but the equity fight is NOT about this group. Its about that uneducated woman in her village thinking her life is over because she has ‘only’ girls…its about that little girl understanding ‘working twice as hard because she’s a girl’ …is a goal not her only option … i should know i am an Abiriba girl, was told thousand things i can’t DO because i am a girl…(.😆 look where we are NOW empowering men and women)

Learn more about gender equity guidelines for free online.💖 FYI let’s not mistake gender roles for gender equality. I believe she was clearly talking about roles / responsibilities as a woman hence my repost about learning the right meaning of Gender equality.

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