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UNBELIEVABLE: The 46 year old Korean Woman that looks 18.

Jung Da Yeon 46

It’s hard to believe the woman in the photo above is actually 46 years old and a mother of two. Jung Da Yeon is known as ‘momjjang ajumma’ in her native land of South Korea which means ‘mom with a striking figure’, and it’s easy to see why.

Jung Dae Yeon1

But Jung Da Yeon didn’t always look like this. In 2003, after going through two pregnancies, she weighed 70 kilograms and looked like a normal housewife. She decided to do something about it by going on strict dieting and physical fitness routines and in three months time,she lost 20 kilograms. After posting her new pictures on facebook, she triggered what came to be known as South Korean’s ‘momjjang syndrome’. Housewives around the country followed suit in an attempt to look like Jung. Before she knew it, she was making appearances on television, launching weight-loss books and videos, and building her very own fitness empire.

More pictures below.

Jung Dae Yeon

Jung Dae Yeon53

jung da yeon 01 1422j2

jung+da+yeon 8

jung da yeon 082

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