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Vector writes open apology letter to his former record label


YSG Entertainment, rapper Vector has written an open apology letter to his former record label one year after he parted ways with them

Dear Fans and Media Reps: Apology Letter to YSG Entertainment Limited.
I hope this meets you well. It is no secret that the last 12 months have been the most turbulent of my music career. With regards to the lingering issues about which I have been mute, I, Olanrewaju Ogunmefun popularly known to you as Vector Tha Viper, wish to state the following;

YSG Entertainment Ltd without any doubt, gave me the platform to show case my talent to the world. It is true we had misunderstandings on issues concerning my engagement with them.

There’s an existing Federal High Court injunction preventing me from doing what I love to do and this serves me and my fans no good. However, we have entered into a settlement to have the injunction lifted.

That by reason of irreconcilable differences, my Record Contract Agreement with YSG Entertainment Ltd has been aborted.
That being said, in the spirit of good faith and a show of unreserved commitment to settle these issues amicably out of court, I have sought and obtained permission from the label to pay off the discounted recoupable expenses as contained in the Terms of Settlement in this regards.
I would also like to apologize to the management of YSG Entertainment Ltd for any embarrassment occasioned by my conduct and whatever damage it may have suffered as a result of the slander and libel as portrayed by the media in this regard. These issues were exaggerated by the media as I hold YSG Entertainment Ltd in high esteem. I also appreciate the leniency afforded me by discounting the recoupable expenses for me.
I wish the company well in all their endeavours.
Thank you.

Olanrewaju David Ogunmefun.

Vector writes open apology letter to his former record label


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