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We feel that things are not right – Catholic Bishops meet with GEJ

The Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria, a body of Nigerian priest, paid a visit to Pres. Jonathan yesterday at the State House to express concern over increasing attacks by Boko Haram members in the North East.

The groups president and Archbishop of Jos diocese, Bishop Ignatius Kaigama, who spoke with newsmen after their closed door meeting with President Jonathan, said they were at the state house to talk about lack of security in Nigeria and find out what the government is doing about it…

“We feel that things are not right. Territorially, our land is being taken away; the people we look after are displaced, their homes, their villages and towns are captured and they are internally displaced, being refugees in their own land.

We thought this is not right. We have families that are just stranded. We thought that the President should know. As Catholics, we have laid a good structure for relief and taking care of such situation, we want the government to collaborate with us. We just wanted to remind him of things he already knows, there was nothing we said that was new, we just wanted to lay emphasis and we wanted him to know we are concerned. The President is already doing his bit; he has assured us that he is on top of the situation”
Bishop Kaigama argued that although muslims have also been killed during the various attacks, the primary aim of Boko Haram is to wipe out Christianity and islamiatize Nigeria
“When we admit that some Muslims are also targeted, we want to believe that the principal aim and concern of Boko Haram is to eliminate Christianity and pave the way for total Islamization of the country” he said

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