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We Must Tackle Our Developmental Challenges By Addressing Our Leadership Problem – Moghalu

moghalu2Ex Presidential candidate of Young Progressives Party, YPP, Professor Kingsley Moghalu has talked about why he contested the 2019 presidential election.

He disclosed this as a guest during the 6th Goddy Jedenma public lecture in Lagos on Tuesday.

According to him, he had to leave his comfort zone to react to the terrible state of the country.

He added that in Nigeria, we cannot tackle developmental challenges except we address our leadership problem.

His words, “We have brilliant people in this country in any sphere of endeavor whether in Busines, Academia, finance, engineering, yet we are where we are.

“The question is why? Therefore I say to you Prof. Lumumba we can succeed in our small boxes and our different spheres, but our success is not because we have a good government because we don’t. We succeed in spite of the weak government that we have in this country.

“This was why I left my own comfort zone. I was not a politician, I never planned to be one. I was a professor in the United States at the Flechette School of Law University.

“One day, I was teaching and I was looking at these young men and women; I said to myself in 10-15 years the director of the CIA is probably here, Secretary of State is here and some big industrialists are here. Why am I developing somebody else’s country? I said I will return to my own country and I will contest for the office of the land.

“We know the difficulties. The difficulties begin with the people themselves. If great people like Professor Lumumba comes out to contest they will not vote for you.

“They would vote not for their solution, but for their problem. The root of the issue in this country is with the psych of the People. It has chattered, battered and the people have been made to feel sub-human and accept those who are their overlords and worship them.

“So you come with a good summation, they will tell you you are very brilliant but you are blowing grammar.

“So my point is in this country, we will not address our developmental challenges except we address our leadership problem.

“It’s not good enough that you can perfect your society in different ways. Dangote have not changed the Nigerian economy. Dangote economy is doing well and so many other people.

“But the economy of Nigeria, GDP per capita, the poverty range will never change except we have a leadership with an economic mindset, capacity and a mindset of transformation.

“It is our business as Nigerians to reorientate ourselves to understand that this is our priority and that we must make it happen”.


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