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We Will Not Leave Any Stone Unturned In Our Fight Against Coronavirus – Lagos State

Lagos State governor, Babajide Sanwo-olu

Lagos State governor, Babajide Sanwo-olu

Lagos State House of Assembly has urged Lagosians to adhere to stay at home order by the federal government in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

The Assembly recently revealed that all over the world, economies are getting affected, and this makes it compulsory for Lagosians to be their brother’s keeper amid the pandemic.

According to the team led by Mr. Hakeem Sokunle the chairman House Committee on Health Services and accompanied by Hon. Tunde Braimoh the Chairman House Committee on Information, Security, and Strategy, Lagos State is leaving no stone unturned in the battle against the deadly virus.

He added that the lockdown is meant to assist in the identification of the people affected by the Coronavirus so they can be isolated and treated.

Sokunle had this to say, “Let us commend the government giving out that executive order, I must say this, having it slow does not mean that we will achieve 100 percent success and having it fast has nothing to do with success.

“The good thing about the place is if there is a lockdown, it will confine everybody in his or her room or places of abode and that would enable us if there is any outbreak to come down to your residence and pick you up for treatment.

“So the lockdown will only assist us to be able to identify all the people affected by the Coronavirus, this as the best way to curb the further spread of virus.

“The best way to curb the spread is absolute lockdown, I understand it is not easy but sometimes we should be able to consider the effect of COVID-19, because if you witness the effect of the virus on human being it is very very bad.”

Mr. Tunde Braimoh added, “That there were so much complaints about the adequacy or even availability of the palliatives, in some areas it varies, in some places it was not adequate, in some others they have yet gotten at all and the Governor actually assured the committee of the whole house of Assembly that nobody expected these problems and we should give kudos to government for responding.

“Most of the places where responses are faster and more adequate is because they have the data already that they have been using to do social support or social intervention to their people all along.

“We don’t have any verifiable database here and so you have to be sure that not just some people are getting many while some of them none.”

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