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Wendy Williams slams critics of Fergie and Kim Kardashian’s M.I.L.F.$ video


Wendy Williams has lashed out at critics who have slammed Fergie’s new music video for M.I.L.F.$, which features Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen.
The outspoken chat show host praised the star-studded video, as she said:
�I thought it was typical Fergie, a girl having cartoon-ish fun. The song itself is really cute. We’ll know all the words to it by July 15. Mark my words.”
�We’ve become so numb to sexuality and what is provocative these days, but I have no problems with this. Personally speaking I think the people are hating on this are mums who haven’t lost that last 20lbs,”Being a MILF isn’t about weight, so I’ll take that back. When you push the babies out a lot of people push their beauty out as well.”
�Some women get more beautiful and other women just settle into the life of mum. It doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful.”she said.

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