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I went into acting out of curiosity � Kate Henshaw


Age-defying Nollywood actress�Kate Henshaw�had a long chat with YNaija correspondent on her newly launched book, acting career, marriage, personal life. What really caught my attention is her responses to questions concerning Nollywood. Here are excerpts of the interview:

You have been acting for 20 years now. When you started out, did you see yourself coming this far and remaining relevant after all these years?

Not at all. I only went into acting by chance, out of curiosity

20 years later, what is your present state of mind?

I am very happy to be part of Nollywood. I am happy to be one of the people whose names will be mentioned when the history of Nollywood is recounted by different people. I am also happy the industry has begun to settle into it’s own and we have started appreciating our own, the filmaking is getting better and the searchlight is being beamed on Africa.

When this Nollywood story is recounted as you mentioned, how considerable do you imagine your place in it it will be?

At least as one of the early pioneers. They say� Nollywood is 20, I believe the film industry in Nigeria is older than that. There are varying opinions as to how old Nollywood is but I know that growing up I watched a few films by Herbert Ogunde at the national theatre. Is that part of Nollywood? Is it not? We are all in the same entertainment industry.

You are in your forties now and as such you’ve become an actress of a certain age. Is there a difference now in terms of the kinds of roles you are offered?

First and foremost I do not reckon with age as a number. I feel as young as ever. Even if I am 50, I am sure I’ll still be very active so I do not feel I or anyone else for that matter has been boxed into any corner because of age. I do not get why Nigerians insist on counting age for people meanwhile they look worse.

You are looking fabulous. For any age I must add.

I know right, thank you

You have not been doing a lot of movies of recent. What kind of film would attract you now?

Script is very important to me now. I will not just go into any set now because of the money. If the script appeals to me, then count me in. Lately I have done 2 films; Mildred Okwo’s ‘The Meeting’ and Uche Jombo’s ‘False’. There are one or 2 other projects being worked on currently. Quality not quantity.

What would it take to get Kate Henshaw on a film set?

I cannot tell you that. I have my own personal criteria.

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