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“Who are you to judge?” – Bobrisky tells Eedris Abdulkareem


Recently, Abdulkareem, in an interview with television station TVC had nothing good to say about Bobrisky

Bobrisky, on his Instagram, has condemned the Eedris, asking who is he is to judge.

Bobrisky wrote:

One thing I won’t take from nobody is saying trash to other people all in d name of FAME!!!! dis idiot that look like fire wood dust is saying rubbish to me. Hey man I don’t know ‍♀ u cos u are nobody. The energy u are putting to bring other celebrities down pls use that energy to build ur dusted future back to life. U keep granting different interviews up and down as if dey are paying u to say all dis rubbish u are vomiting from ur damage lips. You are judging other people.. who are u to judge ‍⚖ them. U never tell us say na u be d son of God who he sent to start judging people fool. Cheers guys Bobrisky is back #itakenoshitfromnobody

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