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Why I don’t wear artificial nails – Sade Okoya


Sade Okoya has revealed in a new interview with�City People�why she does not wear artificial nails and why she will never do so.�The mother�of four who spoke with�City People’s Event and Party Editor gave her reasons as follows;

Do you still cook for your husband?

Yes of course, and that is every day. I must enter�kitchen�every day. I make sure he is well taken care of. My husband likes varieties so I don’t just cook 1 food. He takes them in bits. This is one of the reasons you will never see me with artificial nails. I have never done that. Like the day you saw me at Sam Amuka’s son’s wedding, I just came back from site and had to come for an event with my husband.


She also denied renewing their vows recently;

You recently renewed your vows…….

(cuts in) To set the record straight, we never had any renewal of vows. I was amazed when close friends of ours started calling saying we had a party and never invited them.� That�picture�they used was our Nikkai�pictures�of over many years.

On her�beauty secret;

What is your favorite colour and the�secret of�your beauty?


I love colours and my colour is yellow. For my beauty, I am naturally blessed with a nice skin and I have never used anything to alter it. I will say it’s God.


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