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Witches & Wizards Association of Nigeria (WITZAN) predicts outcome of March 28 general elections


Witches and Wizards Association of Nigeria (WITZAN) predicts the outcome of March 28 General elections � LOL.

So in a recent interview with Daily Independent, Okhue Iboi, the national coordinator and spokesman of the association, already spoke about presidency.

You used to comment on political issues, what is the spirit telling you about the general elections?
�I am not supporting any politician. I warned former Vice President Atiku Abubarka not to contest against President Goodluck Jonathan four years ago, that he would be defeated that the action won’t make him return to power again.

�Not only him, I also warned General Ibrahim Babangida not to attempt it too. His spokesman then, Kassim Afegbua, said some witches said Babangida would win. I hope they know better now. We just held a meeting of witches in Kogi State where it was revealed to me that Jonathan would win the presidential election. He has the support of all witches to continue in office.

�I don’t see General Mohammadu Buhari ruling this country. We don’t have a political party but if anyone seeks our help, we shall render it. There was a time witches in Benue State invited other witches across the country to offer prayers for the Senate President, David Mark, against impeachment. We flew to Otukpo and later to a village called Owetor. That was where we offered the prayers.”

The picture above is that of the associations National cordinator. FYI, if your benin girlfriend is not a registered member of the association, break up immediately. Beacuase she about to lose the compensations coming their way


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