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Wiz Khalifa’s mother files $50,000 defamation lawsuit against her ex daughter in-law, Amber Rose

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Amber Rose is being sued for defamation by ex Wiz Khalifa’s mother, stemming from a profanity-laced phone call the star made to her in June.

Katie Wimbush-Polk claims Amber accused her of being an unfit grandmother and blamed her for the death of Wiz’s sibling Dorien, who died in February from complications from lymphoma.

Amber, 33, allegedly made the angry phone call after being visited by California child welfare services on June 19 after Katie made a report, according to The Washington Observer-Reporter.

Katie denies making the call and nothing came of the visit to Amber and her son Sebastian.

It was that incident that spurred Amber to make the alleged verbal attack, via phone, the same day.

While Wiz’s mother didn’t pick up the call, the five-year-old niece of her former employee, Danesa Letic, did.

Her niece passed the phone to Danesa during Amber’s tirade.

According to the lawsuit, even after Amber was notified that she was talking to a third party, she continued to allege Katie had allowed her own child, Dorien, to die and she was unfit to visit or care for Amber and Wiz’s four-year-old son, Sebastian.

An attorney for Katie claims Amber, full name Amber Rose Levonchuck, ‘impute(d) criminality,’ which is ‘incompatible with her status as a grandmother and her status as a volunteer mentoring at-risk youth,’ which require adults to have cleared background checks.

The Washington Observer-Reporter wrote on Tuesday that the suit claims Amber’s statements were malicious, ‘intended to harm her reputation, lowered her in the estimation of the community or deterred others from associating or dealing with her, and disputes the claim she had let Dorien Thomaz die caused her to be humiliated and suffer severe mental anguish.’

Katie is asking for damages of more than $50,000, including court costs, interest, punitive and other damages.

Amber is yet to respond to the suit.

The curvy video star and TV host married rapper Wiz, 29, on July 8, 2013 and they separated in September the following year.

In 2016 they agreed to share custody of their only child after a nasty court battle.

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