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WOW!!! Meet World’s Oldest Stripper At 86

Lizzy Oliver

86-year-old grand mother, Lizzy Oliver, has shown that age is nothing but mere number and one can still achieve any objective at any age.

The retired high school cook has taken full advantage of the pole dancing lessons offered at her senior’s residence and has started a new career as an erotic stripper.

Oliver who has seven children and 24 grand children, said she does not feel old at all as her sex drive is still very strong.

“I feel more beautiful than ever. I was married for 54 years, had 7 kids, I’m even 24 times a grandmother. But now, I regained my body and my life after I got these buttocks shots.

My sex drive is stronger than ever and I’m living in the present moment, it’s awesome. I’m on tour across the country, I dance in many clubs, meet tons of new people… I feel like a star!”

Oliver says she is now famous in the entertainment industry and has had numerous offers from the porn industry and some randy men who would love to get in the shack with her.

“At the moment, I must admit that if I haven’t done it yet, it’s mostly a question of scenario. I want something out of the ordinary, like with dwarfs or sumo wrestlers or something like that… I’m an 86-year-old porn star, not quite ordinary myself. I want people to remember me.”


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