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Yes! I’m Better Off without EME – Skales


Raoul John Njeng-Njeng, popularly known as Skales, has now earned his rightful placed in the entertainment industry. Shortly after leaving EME in 2014, he got another lucrative record deal and hasn’t looked back since. He opened up to Encomium on why he sings and how he is better off without EME.

Why are you doing songs now and not rap?
I see myself as an artiste, and that means that I can do whatever kind of music I want. I can be a rapper, I can do pop music, I can do dancehall music or even soul music. Heading for a Grammy is rap, Mukulu, Take Care of me and Denge Pose is a fusion of rap and pop, Shake Body is pure afro pop. My new song, I am for Real is dancehall and Jekanmo is popular music. I am a musician, and my unique selling point is my ability to be versatile and do music that will make money for my mom, my management team, the label and myself without watering down the quality of my music.

Will you say Skales is better off after leaving EME?
Yes, but without going through EME, I doubt I would be here. I will say my time in EME was a learning process. You know the saying that without fire, you can’t get gold. That is how my stay in EME is for me. I am grateful for the period I was signed there, but Baseline is home now, and we are making this work.

If you were with them, do you think you would have gotten this far?
I don’t think so.

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