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Zenith bank staff who shattered wife’s legs reportedly sacked

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Back in September, the case of Ivie Edobor whose leg were all but destroyed by her estranged husband, Mr John Edobor went viral.
When Mrs Edobor started divorce proceedings against him after the break down of their marriage, he allegedly battered her legs with iron rods and shattered the bones so badly that she had to have titanium plates and screws inserted in her body to keep her leg in place.

Some days back the government upgraded the charges against Mr Edobor from grievous bodily harm to ‘attempted murder’.
It has now being revealed that Edobor, a Zenith bank staff has reportedly been sacked by the bank in demonstration of the Bank’s opposition to domestic violence.
This was revealed in a Facebook post by Emeka Ugwuonye, the lawyer at the forefront of pursuing the case.
The post in part reads:
“I just received a call from a top official of Zenith Bank to inform me that Mr. John Edobor has been fired from Zenith Bank.
They made it clear to me that the reason they did so was because of the domestic violence he committed on his estranged wife, Ivie.
We appreciate the fact that Zenith has reached out to us. This is an important first step that Zenith has taken.
All we want is justice of this lady. She is somebody’s daughter. She is somebody’s mother.”

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