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#BBAthechase “If i get evicted, my country people will insult me and kill me” – Melvin

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After he refused to exercise his swap privilege as Head of House, thereby putting himself up for eviction come this Sunday, Melvin took time to explain to Big Brother why he had to make that choice.
And what he thinks will happen to him if he gets evicted.

Here’s what he told Biggie:

I’m fine. I’m ok. I’m doing well.. It was a difficult decision�to make yesterday. I would have�wanted to save myself but I couldn’t come up with a name last night.

This is the first time housemates are nominating me,�I just had to do it, Biggie.

I have made the decision now, I just have to be optimistic that Africa will keep me in the�game.��I don’t know what Africa thinks about me, though I try my best to make sure I’m pleasing Africa.

�If I get evicted, Biggie but God forbid, my country people will insult me and kill me! This gamble is a rough one, Biggie.

�If I get saved come Sunday, I’ll be happy. I can also say, I left my name there to see what Africa thinks about me.

�I become too emotional a times. And Biggie, you always hurry me up and warn me during the swap. So I had to leave my name.

Truthfully speaking, this swapping is the part of the HOH that kills me and fixes me up.

Shout out to Africa at large and my country Nigeria.

I did what I gat to do, please vote me and keep me in�the game.

One love, One blood… One Africa! Keep me in the game, please Africa.

Meanwhile, when Beverly was asked if she felt Melvin swapped with her name, she replied:

�Melvin can’t swap wit my name because my country will shoot him! I don’t think�its Feza, Dillish, Bimp. I feel he swapped Nando.


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