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Diary of An Assassin | Episode 3

Diary Of An Assassin

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I lean against the door the second it close shut with my eyes closed, this wasn’t the plan…this just wasn’t the plan, it just cannot go wrong; No, not this time. And this is the hardest part of the job…the twist…of course you don’t go in with just a plan – there is always a ‘plan B’.

I hastened to the well laid bed, dropped my suitcase and hurriedly made for my phone; I had to know where he was…the Senator – I had him tracked a month ago, the reason why I knew his every movement the red indicator kept on moving, he was heading towards the exit, and then the indicator stopped moving and started back up…where the heck is he going? The old man! He just wouldn’t stay put you never get to kill a bird that’s always on the move, you either move too or move the damn gun so good, I couldn’t risk going for him, in the hotel’s club.. the V.I.P section I suppose. I had to wait – eyes on the screen to see his every move. It would be a lot easier to take him out on the streets, if actually I want him dead. Sure, die he must, by my gun?

No intentions have I to pull the trigger tonight, of course, that depends on how well my plan sets…should he get drunk, then my plan is nothing but junked. Something had to be done…something, to salvage the souring mission. So aware I am, of the fact that I am the target mission “Elim Bamosi” was just the idiomatic stone aimed at killing two birds and two shall it kill – I must see to that, I hardly ever fail.

One hour passed, and he remained unmoved, one long hour of waiting…felt like I watched a whole year pass me by – passed to waste. I had to do something, and now!

But no, the indicator moved, slowly, it kept getting closer.. heading back to his room; I guessed.. I wasn’t wrong. I hurried to the door, pinned my ear against the wall..
I heard footsteps walk by…the drunken laughter of the Senator and the soft laughter of the girls. Satisfied, I got open my suitcase and got ready my costumes, the mustache and the beards and got into them. The gun.. yeah, I had that too.

I could have left my suitcase behind, it would have been of no use to me…but my new plot warrants it be my prop. Facing the door, in my agabada and new facials, gun and suitcase in both hands, I took a deep breath as I contemplated for the last time my well thought plan.

I pulled the door open and quickly made for the next room, with no hesitation, I brought the door open with just one kick..

Taken by surprise, the Senator jerked but was held down by the weight of the naked girl on him, her curvy backside sweaty and shuns in the almost dark room.. I shut the door behind me instantly, with my gun aimed at him.

“Just one word and you are dead.” He saw truth in my iced tone of voice, low but deadly. The call girl on him confused, caught between jumping off the senator or staying put.. the second laid still beside the old man, the fear visibly written on her face, shivering and trying to cover her nakedness.. just one sharp look shot her way and she statue.

“..Senator Badamosi..” I called slowly, taking three steps forward. He was still in the young slut, but I was certain that his man must have gone flaccid in there. The young girl cried softly, in fear and in total shock..

“Who are you? What do you want? Money? Is it money? I will pay you three times whatever you have been paid to take my life..” he begged quietly.

I was so sure I had come for his life, however did he know that? Did he not ask if I had come for his money…well, i did not care what may have gone on behind me or the arrangements made on me.

“Get up!” I ordered. He obeyed, still pleading. The girls were a bit calm by then, obviously, I had not come for them.

I took hold of every cell phones in the room.. ordered the girls into the closet and had the senator dressed. I was torn between shooting the Senator right there and walking away.. that would have been a lot easier that way – or seeing my new plot to the end. Pistol in hand, hands on the trigger, I lifted the gun to the old man’s head.. it was no use wasting my time.. with my eyes closed for a split second, I made up my mind, and that was it.

Twenty minutes later, about two hundred meters off the main road; the power bike was in sight, “flight 2k”. Still dressed in agabada and with the suitcase, the bike came to life, head lamp turned on for visibility.. down the lonely street it zoomed, the roaring engine deafening.

The lonely alley intercept the main road in another street about two hundred meters ahead. The bike rode on towards the exit, which is the intercept and it happened.. just as I had predicted..

A black SUV pulled to a stop directly ahead of ‘flight2k’, barely twenty apart. The headlamp threw heavy and blinding light on, as the bike was pulled to an abrupt stop, confused, hands to the gun..

The first shot went off, the second, third.. followed by rains of bullets. All that bullets, for a human with no bullet vest on.. the vest would have been useless in this case anyways. With body riddled with bullet, body gave way as I went down for a perfect view on, smile on my bony face. Quickly, they got off the SUV and came forward…for the body, they needed to have it back with them to the Boss.

They tore off the bald hair wig, and the moustache.. then the beards..

They stood up, stared at each other in shock, the driver called out to hasten the movement. They picked up the body and carried it quickly to the car. The driver took one look and his eyes widened in shock..

“Senator Badamosi!”

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