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Diary of An Assassin | Episode 4

Diary Of An Assassin

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The death of Senator Badamosi and their failure to eliminate me got the men at the top furious. Not that i was made to know, but i just guessed that was the way it was going to be. Sometimes I wonder why they were so pissed.. after all they wanted the erring Senator out of the way and I delivered. It does not matter how, so long the job got done. When you shoot with the aim of killing two birds with a bullet, you should be thankful if one drops dead because most fools end up with nothing, not even a feather to show for their efforts.

Five days after the failed attempt on my life and the death of the Senator, I saw her, ever so cautious, she was so good following up on my trail.. touches to the disguise with perfection.. if only I did not smell her from afar off, her presence has always got me looking over my shoulders.. it had always been like that. Nonetheless, she thought she got me fooled. Two weeks ago she was a prostitute, and now.. she is a muslim lady covered from the crown of her head to her feet, got her attention on the jewelries displayed outside the shops by the road side whenever I looked over my shoulder.. I smiled..

The last time we got to say few words to each other, it took me all of me to walk away from her again, never for once looking into those brown eyes.. capable of weakening my every defences to hold me captive. I had never let myself into that bondage and had no intention of trying it out.. the men who tried some daring things like that ended up great and remembered for the rest of their lives but I, on the other hand had no intention of been remembered for anything other than being the first man to pull off a one man coup de tat against the current government; but since I did not see the possibility of making it into the Aso Rock alive, I said to hell with Hercules, woe to Samson and shame on Adam. And so I made some quick turns to the left and unnecessary cuts to the right and out through the market and off to opposite street across the road. I imagined her turning around, looking frantically for the one person in the whole market she had been stalking all the way from the bank.

The death of Senator Badamosi did stir a hell of commotion in the media. He was said to have been killed by unknown gunmen believed to be armed robbers at his residence. The robbers made away with huge amount of money and lots of other valuables.. what rubbish! His death made to look nothing like an assassination. They wanted him off the earth and I orchestrated the master plan that belled the fat cat.. I was mad at the fact that they actually intended to erase me, but madder and bloody raged that my credit was given to some ghost armed robbers.

I shuddered at the thought of my life becoming a game for some bounty hunter immature assassins – not that I was scared bit by the thoughts, but I was sure going to get bored by the time I must have dropped the sixth rookie the same way I would have done the first. In fact, I need not worry in the first place, the Boss is a lot wiser than that, they know better.

Three weeks after mission “elim bamosi”, I found myself somewhere in the west, the prestigious city of Ibadan. The traffic, the people.. crowd and closely built houses.. I needed those for easy slides, for the two weeks I had put up in a brothel somewhere in the over populated city, I was safe, had no thoughts of someone sneaking up on me but was never peaceful, the little girl’s voice would not stop resounding in my head when I needed my head clear the most.. I was off the radar, but it was only temporal, I did not forget that. They always knew my whereabouts, he hadn’t called me up because I did not bother to get me a phone. One way or the other, I knew I was going to have to face some showdown.

I made sure not to stay more than two nights in a particular brothel, that way, they do never find it easy to trace me. I enjoyed it. The girls in the big city, the night workers.. I made friends with a few.. the assassin had to let off some steam build up too.. they never got to see me the next day after hook up, as disappointing as it was, but that was the only way forward for the fugitive.

Two weeks later, walked into an electronic store, I had to get a new FM radio, the one I carried around got broken.. fell off the bed. The second I stepped in, told the attendant what I wanted, his phone rang, he picked it up, from the way he spoke, he knew not the caller.. he had his eyes on me, confused.

“You say the tall man that walked in?” He said into the phone..

He stretched his hand towards me, the phone staring me in the face, who would want to speak with the tall young man that just walked into the store if not.. bloody hell!! I turned around quickly for the door.. and there they stood, two of them.. the other two by the black Mercedes Benz parked right in front of the shop.. it was high time..

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