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Don’t Call Me “Bro.” – Bobrisky

Bobrisky4Controversial Nigerian, Bobrisky has blasted a fan that addressed him as “bro,” and has said he is actually a baby girl.

In a new clip he shared, he revealed that it is only an unfortunate human being that will jump on his page to refer to him as what he is not.

His words were, “Hello guys, good evening to you. This video is for some idiots on my page. I’m going to post a picture and you tell me, you look good bro. Who is your bro? Please, tani bro e? Your bro is in Yaba, collecting treatment. I am a beautiful girl.

So if I post a picture, and you want to comment, you comment and say, You look beautiful baby girl, pretty woman. Don’t come to my post and tell me bro. Eyawere ni? Let us learn how to respect ourselves for this Instagram. Or else, we will open our yansh. So, becareful.”

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