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Ebola: 400 people kept under observation in Port Harcourt

400 people are under watch in Port Harcourt,after coming in contact with Late doctor who hid the fact he had been exposed to the virus.The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control Projector, Dr. Abdulsalami Nasidi told Reuters

�Everything about this doctor was in secrecy, he violated our public health laws by treating a patient with a highly pathogenic agent who revealed to him that he had contact with Ebola and didn’t want to be treated in Lagos because he might be put in isolation.

�He treated him in secrecy outside hospital premises. When he became ill he did not reveal to his colleagues that he had contact with someone who contracted Ebola. He was taken to General Hospital, a public hospital that sees everybody.
�That is the only case that effectively escaped our surveillance network. We are paying now for it,
Nasidi said the Port Harcourt doctor was visited by friends and family in hospital, including some who �laid hands” on him.
�As we are talking now, we have more than 380 of such contacts in our dragnet,” he said. Those at high risk are being quarantined, and some 500 volunteers and health care workers are checking on all exposed people twice a day,�So we are monitoring and are sure we shan’t miss out on any contacts that come out with infection that could be transmitted. A contact, who has no symptoms doesn’t transmit even if he has the virus. So this is why we are hopeful,”

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