Everyone Will Be Victims If The Social Media Bill Is Passed – Olusegun Osoba

OsobaEx Ogun State governor, Chief Olusegun Osoba is fully against the ‘Protection from Internet Falsehood and Manipulation 2019’ bill trying to regulate Nigeria’s social media space.

According to him, everybody will be victimized if the bill is signed into law.

As he accused sponsors of the bill of trying to silence the press in a democratic country, Olusegun blasted the lawmakers that support the bill.

His words, “We (media practitioners) don’t deserve this treatment from senators who are now enjoying the benefit of the war that we waged against the military to entrench democracy in Nigeria.

“We (media practitioners) fought the military to a standstill. You will recall many of our people lost their lives, those who are propagating a bill should remember.

“Where were they when NADECO, the media stood up to fight Abacha? Were they born? Did their forefathers fight in those days when Herbert Macaulay and co were fighting for the liberation of the colonial system to independence and then we took it up under the military?

“We all suffered under Abacha. The Guardian was burnt. Punch was closed down. Those who were running TELL Magazine had to run out of the country into exile. I can go on with the examples of the deprivation we suffered.”

Do you agree?

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