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Heroic teacher saves 6 students from tornado by laying on top of them

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So amazing! When a massive tornado hit an elementary school in Oklahoma, a courageous teacher risked her life to protect six of her students from the powerful storm by covering them with her body.

On May 20, a two-mile-wide tornado ripped through Moore, Okla. destroying hundreds of businesses, homes, and two�elementary schools. The devastating twister killed 51 people, including seven elementary�schoolstudents.

Heroic Teacher Saves 6 Students From Oklahoma Tornado

At Plaza Towers Elementary�School, a brave teacher made the ultimate sacrifice by risking her life to save her students. The teacher laid across six children, using her body as a shield to protect her young students from the violent tornado. What an incredible hero!

Two Elementary Schools Flattened By Oklahoma Tornado

Rescuers discovered the bodies of seven children believed to have drowned in a pool of water at Plaza Towers Elementary. Authorities fear up to 30 more children at the elementary�school�are dead.

Right before the storm hit at 3 p.m., around 30 children � 4th, 5th, and 6th graders � were taken from theirschool�to a nearby church for shelter.�A reporter asked a medic about the injuries at the elementary�school, but the medic �just shook his head.”

Along with Plaza Towers Elementary�School, the massive tornado also destroyed another�school, Briarwood Elementary.

At 2:45 p.m., Briarwood Elementary sent out an email notifying parents that the�school�was on lockdown, and the children would be held at the�school�until the storms passed. According to authorities, all of the children were accounted for at 5 p.m.

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