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Independence message: �Our destiny is in our hands” � Senator Mark

Independence message

The different challenges facing the country, notwithstanding, the Senate President, David Mark had said that Nigeria would get to the end of the tunnel if the citizens were willing to support the government, as he believed that the destiny of the nation is in the hands of its own people.

Senator Mark made this statement in a goodwill message to Nigerians, marking the 52nd independence anniversary. He said in his independence message that Nigeria as a country has the ability to solve its own problem.

Accepting that Nigeria has been confronted with different challenges since independence, Mark said the nation’s problems would be over if Nigerians confront those challenges in the most sincere way by adhering to the laws of the land. He said, �Look inwards, and do the right things in conformity with our laws and customs. We can adequately find solutions to our problems” He affirmed his optimism.

He described the activities of the dreaded Boko Haram as senseless and �hitherto alien to us and a challenge we all must resolve to end.”

He assured the nation of the lawmakers’ commitment towards a better Nigeria even as he promised that all laws and policies would be formulated based on the needs of the citizens.

The Senate President who assured Nigerians of working together with the executive arm towards an effective and result oriented government had equally warned that the oversight functions of the National Assembly would not be compromised.

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