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Kate Greville And I Fell Out Because She Got Jealous – Giggs

Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs

Ex-Manchester United player, Ryan Giggs and his ex-girlfriend made explicit videos together and had a healthy s*x life which sometimes became rough, a court heard today.

Giving evidence in his domestic assault trial, Giggs himself said he and ex-partner, Kate Greville recorded X-rated videos during their relationship.

According to him, their falling out started when he got paired with an attractive sport presenter at a golf event and Kate got jealous, leading to an embarrassing argument at the gathering.

Giggs added that he actually never flirted with the lady in question, but Kate kept insisting he did till things blew up.

His words, “It was the same as always. We had a healthy sex life and sometimes it could get rough.”

On why they fell out, “I got paired with a lady who’s a sport presenter. Kate got paired with someone else. Kate felt uneasy with who she was paired with.”

“She wasn’t happy I was paired with a sport presenter, understandably. She didn’t know many people there. It would have been a couple of hours, having a few drinks.”

On if his flirting got Kate jealous, “No. I was at one end of the table speaking to my agent and a few cricketers I knew and the other end were a group of girls who worked for the agency, and the sports presenter I mentioned.”

“I thought we were getting on fine. I said (to Kate) ‘is everything OK?’ and she said ‘no, not really’, which surprised me.”

“She just accused me of flirting with the girl which I was not. We were at opposite ends of the table. She said ‘you kept looking at her, I was watching you, you were definitely flirting’.”

“I was slightly embarrassed we were arguing. I left on my own. I walked to the club where we going next. It was a long walk.”

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