life is too short

I am not much of a competitor, especially when it comes to altercating over a guy, I mean I’ll be better off without him if I have to struggle for a place in his heart with someone else #JustSaying.

Don’t get me wrong tho, I’m an aries and we are ‘Die Hard’ lovers but that is after something has already started. Besides, with the economic wahala and the serious heat in this country at the moment you can only do so much. ( ^_^) *Mi o le wa ku*

I remember vividly a situation back then in uni (mehn I’m getting old o, already calling university life back then? Sigh**). Moving on, I wanted to prove to this particular somebody that I could actually get anything, including men IF I wanted to, I ended up causing so much havoc and ruining lots of friendships. Although in the end, things got fixed but obviously could never be the way it was before.

Since then, I promised myself never to compete UNNECESSARILY ever again…. #CoolStory.

I guess my point here is, you shouldn’t try to prove anything to anybody, they didn’t create you therefore your happiness should not depend on them.

Anyways, that’s by the way or on the way… whichever! The major reason I’m here is to tell my Beloved Readers ;;) thank you for following the stories and for your comments *blushing* and also to let you know that once in a while I will drop some rants here, we can’t be reading stories all the time :p

More so, if you have a story, poem or what have you that you want to share on this blog just get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to post them.
Before I go lemmi just sort of drop a word of encouragement, I know it’s a new week and we all hope for the best; may God grant us our heart desires O:) but our week will not be complete if we do not put a smile on at least one person’s face every day, just do something really nice for somebody even if all you can do is smile at them. Make it a point of duty; add it to your to-do-list.

I remember one very hot afternoon; I was really tired and was practically squeezing my face like someone that just had lime, partly because the weather was hot and also because I was shopping with my mum who was taking all the time she needed(and more) pricing and laughing with the sellers. As I was standing there watching her and thinking about how terrible my life was, a young lady walked by and said ‘nice necklace’ she said it with so much enthusiasm that it made me feel like I had never received a compliment in my life before, I felt less stressed, refreshed, so happy and for that moment I forgot about the sun and how much time my mum was taking. I didn’t know this lady and I might never get to see her again but I will never forget how she made me feel that day and each time I remember, my heart prays for her.

As humans, we have so many complaints, the sun is hot, I have no money, my boyfriend is stingy, my parents are annoying and we go on and on about the many problems that we have forgetting the wonderful things that God has given us, the gift of life, the air we breathe (imagine what will happen if we had to pay for air), good health (some are in the hospital right now, some do not even know that they are there yet they are). You’re saying that you have to money to buy that latest ride and that lovely red shoe your friend’s boo got her but there’s someone out there with no legs, there’s another person that sleeps on the floor and walks to every destination they have to go everyday! Problems are made for humans not non-living things so we have to learn how to deal/live with them.

Ok! Before I start sounding like a motivational speaker ( -_-), I guess what I’m just trying to say is we should take a minute, think about everything that you have and take up the responsibility to put a smile on at least one person’s face every day. What a beautiful place the world will be if we all strife to take up this challenge, its the least you can do anyway.


By Tamie

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