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Tales of a Virgin Girl [The Kidnap]

Episode 3
By Benny

Tales of a Virgin Girl

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Nathan had stopped, he came down from the car in the name of going to ease himself due to his having drank too much… I looked away so he doesn’t think I was peeping him but that was a mistake because in the twinkle of an eye a different guy entered into the driver’s seat and another at the back, I wanted to scream but the scary looking guy at the back seat barked at me to shut up or he’ll kill me.

I was shaking in fear and before I could utter another word I was blindfolded and gagged. I couldn’t think straight and worst of all couldn’t scream and at the same time didn’t know where they were taking me to. I began to think of Mr john and how he would think I had stolen his car. I thought of Vanessa and where she was at that time. I thought of how my parents would take the news that I had been kidnapped. Tears began to stream down my face.

After about 30 minutes or so I guessed, the car came to a halt and I was roughly dragged out of the car and carried on the shoulders of someone I couldn’t see. After walking for a distance I was dropped on the ground and asked to sit down by the most husky voice I had ever heard. Then the blindfold was removed and I found myself in a hut surrounded by other different girls about 10 in number.

Wow I wondered who are these people and what did they want??? The girls were all looking at me with solemn faces and I turned to the girl closest to me. She was clad in a blue tank top with matching denim bum shorts with Rihanna style of hair and she looked neater than the other girls who looked really unkempt.

‘Hi’ I said….’Hello’ she replied
‘My name is Sandra’ what is yours I went on
My name is Sophia she said. I asked what she was doing there and how she got there. She explained how one Mr John had hired her for the night and on their way to his hotel room she was gagged and brought there, she ended in tears. Then I realised Nathan was a part of this people.

I asked how long she had stayed and she said she was brought in the previous day. That the motive of the four man one woman group was to get young girls, bring them to this place, test them to know if they were virgins and if they were, they would be used for sacrifice with vital parts of their bodies taken away and if you weren’t, if the men liked you they would keep you as a sex tool to satisfy them and when they got tired they kill you.

From my discussion with her I realised in any way no one was leaving the place alive. This brought tears to my eyes and I sobbed with all my body shaking. I told her how I was brought there and together we cried and slept off. I was woken up with a strong hand roughly pulling me up and a deep voice saying ‘stand up newcomer’. I looked up and recognised him as the guy who drove us to that place. His beards were overgrown and unkempt. He was well dressed in a white shirt on black pant trouser and a black shoe that looked expensive. Looking around him I saw the other members of his team including Mr john. I was handed over to the lady and she led me away.

Outside the hut was very bushy with overgrown grasses. She led me to another hut not too far from the other one told me to lay on the mat in the hut. She was a beautiful lady that looked like she was in her early thirties and I wondered why she was doing such a job.

‘ Open your legs’ she said in a soft angelic voice. I opened my leg and she pulled down my pants.

She looked at me and said’ Close your eyes it’s going to hurt a little’ now I began shivering. Closing my eyes I felt her hand go into my private part, I screamed because it was the most painful experience in my entire life and she was done. She handed me a tissue paper to clean up because I was bleeding and walked out of the hut. So she just took away my virginity I wondered and cried out of both pain and regret.

Too weak to even escape I lay down there imagining how parts of my body was going to be removed for rituals.

Five minutes later she returned with the husky voiced man and he dragged me up. She stood looking at me being taken away her face expressionless. So I was going to die I thought with fresh waves of tears streaming down my face. I thought of the other girls in the hut and sophia and wept more. He took me far away from the huts deep into the bush and we kept going…

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  1. oh!oh! Now its getting rough,poor Sandra #good job Benny#

  2. Hmmm,,,so what happened?,,,pls benny can yu b publishing dis story 2timx i?????n????? a week!!

  3. So what happened,,pls can yu b publishing ds story 2tmx i?????n????? a week?,,d suspense of d story fills me ??�?? anxiety!!

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