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Tales of a Virgin Girl [Disaster]

Episode 12
By Benny

Tales of a Virgin Girl

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I tried to avoid checkup from my dad and told my mum I was ok and that I was just stressed. She insisted I stay put in bed till my dad returned. I was worried and panicked and my mum noticed and advised me not to worry that my dad would be home in no time.
A little later my dad rushed in with his stethoscope and was all over trying to know what the problem was and my heart raced like a racing car on a racing track. After about 2 mins of checkup he pronounced me fit but insisted I stayed in bed for the rest of the day. Whew! Thank God.

The next week moved on faster than I knew it and I was glad to be out of the house before having another collapsing bout. Monday the fourth week of my being home, I prepared to return back to school. I spent the whole day ironing and folding and making sure all I needed for school was complete and intact. Later that evening I was called for dinner and had to halt my packing process. At the table after grace was said and dinner was over, my parents asked that I stayed behind for a little discussion. I sat down reluctantly while my dad went on and on about why I should behave well in school and come out with good grades and top of my class. After his, my mum started about how important it was for me to keep my virginity and bla bla bla. Finally, it was over. I was glad because I half listened, half wondered what would happened if they knew what I had done.

I thanked them for the advice and promised to make them proud even though it hurt me to say that because I had already disappointed them. I stood up to leave disappointed at myself for my actions and walked away with my head bowed down in shame. I got to my room and became restless. I tried to sleep to no avail, I tossed and turned for about one hour crying and regretting my actions. Then I decided that the best way to ease myself the burden is to confess to my parents. I stood up, walked to their room and knocked. My dad opened the door and saw tears all over my face and before he could say a word I was down on my knees crying.

My Dad was driving like a maniac to the hospital and all I could do was cry and he wouldn’t even speak to me. My mum’s head lay on my laps almost lifeless. I wished I had not told her the terrible news. So many things were running through my mind at the same time. What would happen if she dies? Will my family ever forgive me? Will my dad disown me??

Now my greatest regret was telling her that her daughter got pregnant in school and even had an abortion.

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