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Tales of a Virgin Girl [Taking the bull by the horn]

Episode 8
By Benny

Tales of a Virgin Girl

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I entered into school like a thief in the night under the cover of darkness. I had no plan as to what would happen at the break of day. My ally was the only one who knew I was around as I stayed with a friend in another room in the hostel.
The most important thing I had to do was go see the lecturer with the doctor’s report and make him clear my name from his black book.

I woke up the next morning feeling dizzy and nauseous and I had my bath and settled for a cup of hot tea offered by my host and as soon as I was done taking it I started throwing up. Damn! this sickness was only going to make things worse for me. It was the last thing I needed at the moment. I decided to rest first. I thought of the best way to disguise myself and enter into school and finally came up with a plan. At exactly 10am when most if not everyone was sure to be in class I set out clad in a black jean trouser, blue tank top and a pink long sleeve hood sweater. Still not satisfied with my disguise I put on a dark sun shade and it was complete. I left the room with my head down avoiding peoples stare.

I avoided popular places and classes and arrived at my destination, the admin block. I knocked on the door with the inscription HOD and entered. The man’s head was buried in a book in front of him that he didn’t even look up until I greeted “good morning Sir” he looked up and just nodded his head and went back to his book.
“Sir” I stammered “you asked to see me”… he still didn’t look at me
He was known by all and sundry to be really wicked and strict so I was not surprised by his attitude.
I stood there not knowing what else to say. I let my eyes stray from him to look round the office it was actually my first time there. There were about 4 plagues there even though I couldn’t read what was written on each and in my mind I wondered what else he could be good at other than being wicked.

Like he read my thoughts he barked at me” Did you come to my office to look around or what? If you don’t have anything to do here get out”
Caught off guard I stammered again
“Get out” he shouted so loud and as I turned to leave he continued” and the next time you come to my office dressed like a gangster I will not even let you in”.
So he noticed.. I walked out into the waiting arms of the gang. No way, I thought. I just stood by the closed door not knowing what to do. They were also not in a hurry as they stood waiting for my next move.
“Follow us quietly or” before she could complete her statement I was already going with them. We walked quietly for about 5 mins and I started feeling dizzy again I began to slow down and that was about the last thing I remembered.

I woke up in the school hospital yet again looked around and there was no one. I was surprised then who brought me here I wondered. About five minutes later Vanessa entered her eyes swollen and red. Was I dead I wondered. The doctor entered and asked her “have you told her?” Told her what I asked Vanessa.
“Sandra you are pregnant”
I started laughing because it was really funny and the Doctor shook his head and left us.
Vanessa started crying again. “Where are the girls” was the next thing I said
“I don’t know” she said barely audible.
I was in class when someone came that you were being rushed to the school hospital and that you collapsed.
It means I was left alone by them when I collapsed. And now it dawned on me that I was pregnant.
God! I thought, I am finished then the tears started rolling freely.

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