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Tales of a Virgin Girl [Shock]

Episode 11
By Benny

Tales of a Virgin Girl

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I was led into a cubicle that was poorly lit with no window at all to let in even the tiniest ray of sunlight,the room depended on a bulb as its only source of light. There was a slab that looked like something that had not been used for ages with drops of dry blood all over it. Was this where it was going to happen? I thought
“Climb the bed” the man said and told Dan that he could leave. Bed indeed I thought.
My heart was beating so loud that am sure he heard it. I climbed on it and lay down and closed my eyes. He asked me to raise my legs and that I did.
A little while later, I felt a sharp pain between my legs and screamed
“Keep your voice down” he ordered and i knew the process had begun. His equipment kept going and coming out and in 20 mins time he said he was done and I could come down. I cried all through the process and was glad it was over.

I came down from the ‘bed’ bleeding and barely able to walk well, I staggered into the waiting arms of Dan and anita and she gave me a sanitary pad and led me to the toilet to put it on. We headed back to school and when we got to school Anita reiterated the need to walk well so as not to arouse suspicion. I tried to walk as normal as I could and collapsed on my bed out of exhaustion and pain when we got to my room. They gave me pain relievers and advised I slept. My roommates asked what the matter was and they told them I had a little fever and would be fine in no time. As soon as they left, I fell asleep and woke up an hour later to a blood stained bed. I couldn’t believe it was my blood everywhere. Luckily I was alone in the room and I quickly changed the bedspread and soaked the stained one. I had my bath and changed my pad. I sat thinking of what would happen if the bleeding continued.

I was still thinking when Vanessa came in and totally ignored me. I tried talking to her but she won’t talk back to me and I so needed her at that time. After begging for like 10 minutes she finally answered me and told me how disappointed she was at my decision and all. When she was done pouring out her anger, she asked that I told her everything that happened. I described the experience to her and she advised I keep it to myself and that if the bleeding did not stop the next day we would know what to do.
The bleeding stopped the next day after using 4 sanitary pads and in three days time exams started. I had not really read so I found most of the courses difficult but I was glad I was able to write and I had no problems again.

It was time to go home after the semester exams and I bade farewell to Vanessa as we parted ways at the gate. The semester was one that could write me a whole Bestseller and I was glad it had ended. I didn’t hear from Dan after the trip to the doctors I wasn’t surprised, but Anita called twice to know if the bleeding had stopped and to know how I was faring. We were scheduled to resume the next semester in a month’s time and I was glad to be home again. I spent the first two weeks of my stay at home preparing for the next semester with the outline we were given by most lecturers. At the start of my third week at home, I was coming in from the market tired and as soon as I got into the compound I collapsed. My mum rushed out and poured water on me to revive me and made a quick call to my dad who told her to put me in bed and that he was on his way home to come and attend to me.

When I came around, I began to wonder what the problem was and prayed in my heart that no matter what it was, my doctor dad should not find out I had an abortion.


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