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I would love a sex scene with Ramsey Noah or John Dumelo � April, New Tinsel Star

Joju Muse popularly known as April is the latest addition to the Tinsel family. She’s playing the role of Sammie � the hostess at Ziggies. To say she’s ready to conquer the world is stating the obvious; April is ready for almost anything even sex with Ramsey Nouah on set. Yeah, you read that right, S.E.X on S.E.T.
The 26 year old Public Administration graduate from Olabisi Onabanjo University, was at the office of iCampus�where she spoke about getting horny watching John Dumelo and Ramsey Nouah, getting a role on Tinsel and life as the black Sheep in the family of a one-time senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. OLUWATOSIN ‘BREEZI’ ADESANYA had a cosy time-out with her on iCampus’ legendary
My name is Olajoju Muse. I’m a Yoruba lady from Olowogbowo, Lagos Island, Lagos State. I come from an interesting polygamous family of 5 � 2 girls and 3 guys. I’m the first from my mum and fourth from my Dad. My Dad used to manage a bank so we got transferred a lot so I attended many schools. I finished from command children school, Bonni Camp then went to Lagos state model college. For University education, I did Public Administration at Olabisi Onabanjo University Ago-Iwoye.
•Have you always wanted to act?
Oh yeah, acting has always been part of me from childhood. When my Mum has her friends over, I come out and start doing silly things with a make-shift microphone and they’ll start laughing. But you know our parents can be quite funny; giving kids ‘bad eye’ and saying, “Will you get out from here!” So yeah, I have always wanted to act from the cradle.
•What year did you really start acting?
MNET’s African Movie, Protégé, was my first production and that was in August 2013. But before then I was in a Soap which I don’t really like to talk about. It’s called ‘Dormitory 8’.
•Why, was it sub-par?
Yeah, if you look at some of the jobs I’ve done compared to ‘Dormitory 8’, the difference is very clear.
•Many are of the opinion that landing a MNET movie role is hard. How did you get the connection?
It’s God. I was called for casting only for me to get there and I was given a script then told I was to film that day. So I had to get all my lines in a few minutes. Though it was not a Lead Role but it was a good platform for me.
•How did you learn the ropes, judging from the fact that you studied Public Administration at school?
Acting is my life. It’s in me; I love it and it keeps me going. If I wasn’t an actress, I think life would’ve been difficult. A lot of people will not understand my point of view but I don’t think I can survive in another industry. I think because it’s what I really wanted to do, that’s why everything has seemed easy.
•You never went for auditions while you were in school?
I went for one audition and I wasn’t picked so I lost interest in auditions. That was ‘Phone Swap’ audition so I felt frustrated then along the line I thought about it and said, maybe it’s not just God’s time. I was like, ‘why don’t you just chill and do other stuff. If you will act, you will act.’ That’s how it was till I got a call for casting.
•How did you land a role in ‘Tinsel’?
Tinsel was God-sent. It was like a movie. I was just chilling in my room when my supposed boyfriend in protégé pinged me and said someone needed my number, so I gave him expecting something nice. Later on, I got a call and immediately I heard, “Hello, I’m so and so calling from Tinsel…” I just hung up. I was like, “who the hell is pranking me?” Later on I figured out it wasn’t a prank. I was happy and I’m still happy.
•I’m sure you watch yourself on TV, how do you feel when you see the way you translate your roles?
I always feel awkward when I see myself on Tinsel. I don’t like watching myself. Sometimes when I do, I’m always like, ‘See this stupid girl oh’. [laughs] Most of the roles I play are different from the real me. I really don’t like watching myself.
•How have your family and friends reacted to seeing you on their screens?
Encouraging; they motivate me to want to do more.
What roles would you rather not play right now?
I would rather not play the role of a maid unless the money is good and the maid is a ‘jasi’ maid [laughs]
•Can you play nude roles?
Of course I can, it’s my job. It’s just like asking a surgeon ‘can you do surgery?’ Whatever your job entails, do it. It’s a character you are playing because in real life you might not go nude but if the character demands it, I will so do it, especially if the money is right.
•You are not scared of family or critics coming for you?
Abeg, even Jesus Christ, dem still dey criticize am. People are entitled to their own opinions.
•Are you in a relationship?
Am I in a relationship? I don’t know, I’ll say I’m an open relationship.
•Oh, meaning you can date and sleep with other people without worry.
Okay, let me confess, I’m not in a relationship. I just got out of a relationship. We broke up yesterday.
[laughs] I don’t like lies or excuses. The excuses were becoming too much. Also, I need someone to be able to trust me regardless of what they hear.
•Ever cheated before?
[Laughs] Yes, once, but the cheating did not work. I was caught cheating.
•Won’t your roles affect your future relationships?
Whoever I’m going to be in a relationship with has to understand the kind of job I do. If they can’t the door is open, they can take a walk. Your career will never leave you if you are dedicated to it, but people might.
•What if your kids stumble upon your nudes in future, how will you handle it or explain?
That’s why you have to let your kids know what you do. Explain the nature of your job to them.
•When was the first time you ever kissed anybody on set and how was it like?
I have never kissed anybody on set. I remember a role I was supposed to kiss but I begged the director to make it a make-out scene where instead of kissing, we smooched. I naturally have problems with kissing.
•Why, who scarred you?
[Laughs] I had a bad kiss experience. Dude actually spat in my mouth. I was disgusted and since then I’ve always shied away from kissing.
•Which Nigerian actor would you not mind kissing on set?
There are actually two of them; Ramsey Nouah and John Dumelo. I’m so in love with both of them. Their movies hit the right spot.
•Right spot? They make you horny?
Everything join together. [laughs]
•So you don’t mind a sex scene with Ramsey Nouah?
A sex scene with Ramsey?Mehn, we are doing it for real. No acting, we will do it.
•Some Actors have to do repetitive takes to get a scene or line right, has it ever happened to you?
Never. I hardly miss my lines. Of course nobody is so perfect but I hardly miss my lines. Sometimes I can get a script in the morning and by evening, I already know my lines.
•Describe your childhood. How was growing up for you?
I will say growing up was not interesting. It was all about security, reporting etc. It was not interesting to me because everything had to follow a procedure and we always had to take permission. I only attended 3 birthday parties as a child. I am a playful person naturally so it just didn’t work for me because I got into a lot of problems. I’m not the type to be caged so I always got into trouble with my mother.
•What was the craziest thing you did then?
I shaved someone’s head in school. I put shaving cream on her head in the night so when she woke and took her bath, her hair fell off. She wore a Bandana to class the next day and I snatched it off and everyone saw the really huge bald space in the middle of her head. She was a pain in the ass. She was always reporting us for indiscipline. She reported me for not laying my bed and I was beaten mercilessly.
•You scaled fences too right?
Oh yes, I did. I was a bad girl. I was popular for two or three sets. I was always carrying contraband. [laughs]
So when was the first time you ever had sex?
The first time I ever had sex was in 2007. I was already in University but I didn’t want a random guy to take it so I gave it to this guy I was madly in love with. I told him to just take it since my mother never believed I was a virgin so it didn’t matter anymore.
•She never believed?
Yes, she never believed I was a virgin.
I’ve heard stories of mothers checking their girls to see if they’ve lost their virginity especially when they come back from school. Has it ever happened to you?
Oh yes, my mum actually checked me once. I’m still always upset when I remember that day. I really don’t want to talk about what made her check me but I felt disrespected.And you know our Yoruba mothers nah, everybody go hear am.
•So do you consider yourself approachable?
I don’t live a lie. What I won’t take on a normal day, I won’t take on another day. I can be very friendly but when you are crossing the line, I will let you know. Actresses don’t have to smile every day, if I’m not in the mood, I might give you an attitude. I might reply when you say hi and I might not. I can be bitchy especially when you keep pestering me. You can’t satisfy everybody.
•Would you kiss a girl like Tonto Dikeh on set?
Kissing a girl on set or kissing Tonto Dikeh is not an issue. The movie must have a moral lesson. The producer just has to show me it has a moral lesson. You see a lot of movies from Asaba and you be like, ‘this is why Nigerian movies can’t win at the Oscars’. I have rejected scripts because they lack morals.
•Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
•Your mouth is wideshaa…
[Laughs] I see myself at the top of my career.
•Thanks April…
[laughs] Thank you. I enjoyed talking with you Breezi.

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