Murtala Mohammed Airport Hits New Low As Passengers Board Flights In Darkness


The Murtala Mohammed international airport on Saturday night hit a new low as darkness enveloped the premier airport due to power outage at the time passengers were boarding flights to different foreign destinations.

The power outage at the airport occurred between 10pm and midnight, when about four international flights � British Airways, Air France, South African Airways, and one other � were boarding.

The departure lounge was pitch dark as airlines officials deployed gas-powered lanterns and battery-powered flashlights to check-in passengers and walk them through the boarding gates.

Passengers groped their ways through the boarding gates into the aircraft.
They discussed the security implications of conducting check-in and boarding processes in darkness in a country currently battling terrorism and at a time when aviation security should be a high priority.

�The place was full of heat and people were sweating. It was a disaster. Our international airport has reached a new low,” a passenger on one of the flights told newsmen.

The cause of last night’s power outage at the airport could not be ascertained at the time of going to press.

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