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Popular VJ Of MTV Base, Stephanie Coker Turned Down Luxury Apartment in Banana Island

Stephanie Coker

Popular VJ of MTV Base, Stephanie Coker had a moment of reflection about her life and shared a lengthy post on Instagram describing her experience when she moved back to Lagos 3 years ago.

The media personality and VJ who is now a VJ to reckon with in the entertainment industry shares her story about turning down house in the luxury area of Banana Island.

She wrote: “We are often in a hurry to get to where we want to be in life, that we forget what we have endured to get to where we are now. I look back at my journey over the past 3 years and although I am nowhere where I want to be, I am grateful for all I have achieved. I remember when I just moved to Nigeria and was staying with family in ebutu metta, there was a certain man who I had several meetings with to develop a business idea of mine at the time. All was progressing well till he eventually turned the pages and approached me with his desire for me. He changed his rapport and even offered to buy me a flat in banana island so I could be more comfortable and settled. As tempting as such offers could be, nothing in life is free. Everything has a price and I’m proud to say that price was never my pride. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is no man/woman should determine your destiny. You may be offered all the worldly possessions but all these things expire, the bags go out of season and the cars depreciate in price. I would rather not have the latest designer bag than have a man gossip about my pride 2 years down the line.”

Stephanie who is MTV Base’s fashionista VJ recently signed a deal with Seyi Shay‘s management company J-Management.

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