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Prophet T.B Joshua Prophesied The Tragic Crash That Killed Yakowa, Azazi

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As the nation mourns the tragic helicopter crash that ended the lives of Kaduna State Governor, Patrick Yakowa and former National Security Adviser, Andrew Owoye Azazi, alongside four others, Nigerian Prophet, T.B. Joshua has revealed how he prophesied the fatal crash.

On Sunday 16th December 2012, speaking to a live audience on Emmanuel TV, Prophet T.B. Joshua explained how God showed him the incident, stating that he conveyed the message to the nation in a series of prophetic revelations that started in January 2011.

�I see the blood of personalities flowing,� Joshua said on Sunday 2nd January 2012. �This is a government personality. They should not enter the same plane and say they are flying from one state to another for any reason in this country. There is danger. This is a plane crash.�

On July 15th 20112, he added further insight to the revelation, saying, �Those people who matter in society, they should not go inside the plane, together in one plane because I see satan wants to destroy these people who matter in society�� Joshua specified that six individuals would be involved. �They begin to mention one, two, three, four, five, six people who matter in society, high profile. The enemy is looking for a time when they will enter a plane together and be on the air.�

On September 23rd 2012, Joshua sent one of his �Wise Men� to deliver a message, stating that he had seen the flag of Nigeria being lowered, calling on Nigerians to join in prayer to avert the tragedy that would result in this. Then, on October 27th 2012, Joshua himself specified further about the incident that would cause the lowering of Nigeria�s flag, stating that he saw a Governor flying with his aide.

He said, �Everyone should come together on their knees and pray for the nation. Where will these people go, you, Governor, and you put yourself inside a plane and go together with your aide? Where are they going? They should not put themselves inside the same plane, aircraft and go. I�m seeing this thing is very close.�

After the tragic helicopter crash on Saturday 15th December that saw the death of 6 Nigerians, many online observers of Joshua�s ministry stated that they remembered his prediction when it was initially spoken on Emmanuel TV, lamenting that the government officials had not taken it seriously.

After playing back the clips of the prophetic revelations, Joshua spoke to the congregation, stating that he even went to the extent of reaching out to Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan to warn him of the impending disaster. He stated that the nation should have entered a period of national fasting for the tragedy to be averted but that people were not taking the prophetic messages seriously.
Joshua subsequently petitioned those in power to publicly call on all those who claimed to have prophetic powers to submit their revelations for the upcoming year to those in authority, as a test of legitimacy.�

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