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Should I Tell My Fiancée I Am Not A Virgin Or Wait Till After Our Wedding?


I will appreciate if you could help publish my story so I can get answers from your readers.

I lost my virginity a few years back during my service year. Before then I had vowed to keep myself for my husband, but I had a boyfriend then who eventually forced himself on me. I wont actually call it rape, because I blame myself for putting myself insuch situation. He knew how much I wanted to keep myself, he still took advantage of my weak moment.

This is an action I will sayI regret in my life, but I have no option than to move on with my life. I will like to state here that after that first time, no man has touched me.

Now the issue is that I will be getting married in two months time, but my husband to be (not the one who disvirgined me) thinks I am a virgin. Please I do not want to be misunderstood, I have never told him anything about it, but I dont understand how or why he assumed I am. Anytime he talks about it, I just try to avoid the topic.

It has been difficult for me and I am confused about the situation, because I cant bring myself to telling him the truth. Do I justgo ahead to tell him the truth, dont tell him at all or tell him after our wedding?

Responses are needed urgently please.

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  1. The right thing to do are usually the most difficult. U can only kip it away from him 4 so long. My advice is that u tell him. If he truly luvs u, nothing can change how he feels about u. Besides, it'll b worse if he has 2 find out himself.

  2. U beta tel him d truth now besides how many nigerian girls r still virgins now?

  3. Being a virgin is not a criteria to a happy home. @Ada,d ryt question should be how many Virgins have a happy marriage? So I'll advice you tell your husband to be the truth. If hz truly urs, notin will change hz feeling bout u. If he finds out after d wedding,he'll feel u used him.

  4. Dis iz ? issue nau..stop killin ursef wit fear or guilt ma dear.if he assumes dat u are a virgin den leave him to hiz assumption.its hiz problem.tins like dis r nt sometin for assumption bearin in mind d kind of world we ????? in..if hiz interested in ur virginity status den he shud b able to open hiz mouth &ask! So he cnt possibly b mad/sad if aftr d weddin he finds out dat u are nt bcos frm ur story u neva opend ur mouth to tell him dat u wr a virgin..

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