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Stella Damasus advises her haters to repent

Stella Damasus

The Nollywood actress who has been in the news lately for allegedly getting married to her colleague Doris Simeon’s ex-husband Daniel, took some time to write a post for her haters.

Here’s what she wrote on her blog:
A young girl from my women and young girls mentoring club (Adiva), sent me an extremely long email lamenting and venting.
She did not understand why no one ever noticed or talked about her when she did something good for others or to others but whenever there was gossip and it concerned her, the whole school turned upside down.

So in my response I said:

My dear, with everything you must have read and heard about me, I am still wondering why you believe I can help you when I go through practically the same thing almost everyday.

She responded and said she was one of those who would actually read and hear these things and believe them. She also apologized because she said it was very easy for her to contribute to the gist about me even though she did not know me personally and had never met me before.

I asked her why she changed her mind about me and she said:

Well I kinda figured that if all these things they said about me were lies and people believed it and my friends did nothing to help the situation then it is possible that the same things could be happening to you.

So I said:

Are you saying that if it had not happened to you then you will continue to judge and condemn me without knowing the truth thereby taking God’s job of judging from him?

After we had cleared all that I could not help it, I had to tell her that I was glad it happened to her too but if I have gone through it and I’m still going through but I’m still standing then she can overcome it too no matter how bad.

The truth is, good news and positive things are not sweet enough for the average mind. People who have positive lives or happy lives will not have the time to sit and enjoy another’s downfall.

If we, especially the Nigerians who would rather sit in front of a computer to talk crap or the one who would spend their money just to buy and read something that condemns others can stop for a second and spend that precious time and money on something that will improve their lives, then the country will surely be a better place.

Look at the likes of Tuface, MI, ASA, BEZ, DBANJ, PSQUARE touring the world and acquiring more fans all over plus making more money weekly than even Bank MD’s.

Sometimes don’t you wonder what they spend their time doing?

Now please tell me if these people will have the time to sit and start judging or condemning others. They are talked about by other people but these same people see them and want to take pictures or get autographs. These same people want to shake their hands and buy their albums. These same people make them richer everyday.

So who is the foolish one? The one who is talking and enriching others or the one who is being talked about and making money.

With everything the world said about Tuface and all the drama, he is still one of the greatest artists from Africa in this generation. People still did all they could to support him during his wedding. Some of the same people on the Internet who said all sorts were the ones who started praying for him and his family.

Isn’t that amazing? One minute someone is the most irresponsible the next he is the best and greatest.

I can go on and on but I guess I am just trying to encourage people to let go of the hating, backbiting, idle talk and evil plots. Redirect your energy to yourself and your family or even your community. That way you will be successful and be remembered for something positive.

One thing we should always remember is that no matter what we say and do to others Gods plan will come to pass.
A good example is the life of Jesus Christ. I encourage you to read from the book of Matthew again. He went through all he did to give us hope that even when the world comes against you, God has got you covered.

Who God has blessed no man can curse.

My inspirational song of the week is “Nobody” by MI and TUFACE.

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