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Strippers Should Not Be Manhandled – Cossy Orjiakor

Cossy OrjiakorNollywood actress, Cossy Orjiakor has shared her reaction to the raid of a strip club in Abuja which resulted in the arrest of strippers performing.

The raid that happened in Caramelo Strip Club in Utako Abuja, saw the arrest of 30 strippers and some of them were even carried into the security vehicles naked.

Cossy shared her sadness at this development, she wrote, “Bleep @naptipnigeria how can this happen under ur watch. Our sisters and mothers deserve better . Caramelo strip club Utako raided just because the building is supposed to be a clinic ….what has that got to do with manhandling strippers and guest ….Stupid ass people they want in on the action was it an orgy. guess u want them back to the road side where some will be bleeped for peanut and used for rituals .

Enemy of progress …Is it your body. Give to ceasers what is ceasers and to God what is gods. Pervert….sick crazy ass stupid people in government. Instead of u guys to go there daytime and lock up the premises , u waited in till night so as to shame ur mothers … ur sisters … ur children… Go Bleep ur selfs.. pls tag all the fools and tell them well done sir for violating the basic human right of all the women in this video”.

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