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The Police Forced Me To Sign A Letter That Countered My Rape Statement – Busola Dakolo

Timi Wife

Busola Dakolo has disclosed that she was forced to sign a document countering her rape allegation against COZA Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo by police at gunpoint. She revealed that a few armed men forced her into a van and made her communicate in pidgin English to a man who claimed to ...

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America Had Declare War On North Korea

Ri Yong Ho naijavibe.net

Yesterday, Monday September 25 2017, Ri Yong Ho, North Korea Foreign Minister, said the President of United State of America had declared war on his country and That Pyongyang has the right to bring down US bombers even if they were not in the nations air space. �It should be ...

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Hillarious: Nigerian Guy writes a letter to his future wife

Hey wifey. I have often wondered how life with you would be. I often imagine how we will look together. To start with, I strongly believe you are a daughter of Zion who is very much in love with the Father. You have to love Him more than you love ...

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Must read-Father of deceased Nigerian lady who wrote a letter to abusive husband, tells it all

� When many of us read the letter written by the late Yetunde Omodolapo-Jagha to her abusive husband, we thought it was fabricated . It was hard to believe a man could be so cruel to his wife. However, during her�burial, her heartbroken �father opened up on his daughter, and ...

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Must Read : Deceased Nigerian woman’s heart-wrenching letter to abusive husband

This is purportedly a real�letter�written by lady who was ill of cancer and eventually died.She requested the�letter�be published after her death Read her�letter�below very touching: ”I bid you farewell………………………………………….. I am grateful to God that I will rest in His bosom and I am more grateful because I have always ...

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