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Kim Kardashian reveals Rob Kardashian’s addiction to weed, alcohol

Kim Kardashian says her younger brother Rob Kardashian, 28, sits at home smoking weed and drinks beer all day long. In a new interview with Rolling Stone magazine’s latest issue, the pregnant reality star, 34, said: ”It’s not that mysterious what’s happening with Rob… He has gained weight. He feels ...

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Rob Kardashian To Return On ‘Dancing With The stars’ To Fight Weight Problem

Rob Kardashian is prepared to do pretty much anything to lose weight and� even if it means making a come back on ‘Dancing With The Stars’, that’s what he’ll do. ”Rob will only go on the show if he drops some weight first,” an insider reveals. ”He’s not a tall ...

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Kim Kardashian Responds To Brother’s Mean Instagram Diss

Kim Kardashian Steps Out For Dinner

Kim Kardashian has finally responded to her brother, Rob Kardashian after he publicly dissed her on Instagram, comparing her to the blonde psychotic murderer from ‘Gone Girl’. Rob posted a picture of a bloody Rosamund Pyke and wrote: “This is my sister Kim, the b*tch from Gone Girl.” According to ...

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Rob Kardashian’s Family Scared Of Him After He Threatens Them all

Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian’s family is reportedly scared of him after he made a recent serious threat at them all. Reports says the 28-year-old has his entire family on edge, especially after his latest Instagram tirade against Kim Kardashian, in which he compared her to the psycho killer from the movie Gone ...

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