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The Flatmates [Episode 4]

The Flatmates

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I let out a tired sigh, leaning on the kitchen wall while waiting for the yam I was cooking to get as soft as I liked it. I decided to give my mom a call, as I recalled she called me earlier but I was in a heated argument with one Lagos conductor.
“Hello, Mummy”
“Muna! Muna, can you hear me?” She asked
“Yes mum, how are you doing?” I asked
“I am fine, have you called your dad yet?” She asked
“No, I haven’t” I mumbled.
“Are you still angry with him?”
“No ma” I lied
“You know you are the first daughter and he doesn’t like the idea you are in Lagos alone” She tried to explain
“I know”, “Mummy how is Tobe and Chisom? I spoke to them this morning” I said trying to change the topic, if only she knew why I wasn’t getting along with my dad recently
“They are fine; they will be home soon for vacation”
We continued the conversation for over ten minutes, she subtly reminded me to call my dad and I agreed just to keep her from nagging me, knowing I wasn’t going to call him.
“Is the food not ready yet?” David asked with impatience as he peeped from the kitchen door
“It is, I am about to serve it. Help me take water to the dining”
“Ok, did you leave some for Martin?” He asked
“Yes, I did, I hope he is coming home soon so I doesn’t get cold”
“He doesn’t keep late nights, he would be back soon”
“Ok, I am right behind you”
We were still settling to eat when the door opened and Martin stepped in, he was closely followed by a slim lady, I scanned her attire and wondered if she was his girlfriend.
“Hello” She said with a bright smile.
“Hi” David answered while I gave her a curt nod.
“I can see I came at the right time” She said excitedly, joining us at the dining table without waiting for an invitation
“Can I have some? ” She asked
“We still have some saved for Martins, I guess he can share his portion with you” David suggested.
“I am fine, I had something to eat already” Martin said with a grumpy face, looking at the meal with concealed irritation.
I felt the anger begin to boil in me, did this arrogant man know the hours I slaved in the kitchen for this meal and tomorrow’s Sunday stew to be ready.
“Baby, please get some food for her” David said with a pleading face, he knew I was getting furious
I dropped my spoon with a dramatic sound; Martin was engrossed with a football match showing on T.V, he was taking off his shirt and carefully placing it on the couch.
“Shameless foodie, I didn’t come here to become a cook for Martin and his girlfriend” I muttered under my breath wondering why I was pissed off asides from Martin rejecting my food with a look that was so annoying as it was intimidating.
I handed her plate to her with a fake smile on my face when I got back to the dining
“Thank you” She said.
“You are welcome”
“You didn’t introduce your friend to us” I asked Martin as I tried to act friendly
“Meet Sharon, she is my colleague at work” Martin explained
“I am Muna, he is David. We are Martins flatmates for now” I said, I didn’t want to explain further and luckily she didn’t ask
“What did you use to make this sauce?” She asked with a smile of approval
“Garden egg”
“It tastes so nice, I would like to know the recipe” She said with her mouth full
“Sure, I can write it down for you”
“No, I learn better when I watch and practice. Can I buy the recipes and come over next weekend so we can do it together”
“All this wahala for garden egg” I said to myself, some girls are not sleek at all. She should just say she needs a reason to visit again. I decided to drink water at that time, let the owners of the house respond to her. I stole a glance at Martin, he was too engrossed in his game and wasn’t listening.
“Sure, you can. Muna will gladly teach you” David said
“Yes, Muna can” I mumbled, this David can be too forward sometimes.
Moments later, I was settled in one of the seats with David beside me, Sharon was still trying to form acquaintance with me while finding every opportunity to touch Martin.
“I am thirsty, please can I have some water” Sharon asked Martin placing her hand on his thigh.
Yes, you are acting thirsty; some girls are just too obvious sha. I thought to myself.
Martin obliged her without saying a word, but he came back with an irritated expression
“Those dishes, will they be washed today? He threw the question at me
“Yes” I responded with a frown. This nigga is high on local weed, why is he asking me like I am his house maid. I wanted to say something else but I knew it wasn’t the right time.
“Ok” I knew he had more say but refrained cos of Sharon.
I wondered why David was letting his friend embarrass me and he was saying nothing, he seemed unbothered as his gaze was fixed on the T.v screen. I walked out of the sitting room in annoyance, how was I going to cope with this man for three months


What manner of friend is Martin, he was bent on ruining this arrangement, I cursed under my breathe. I knew I had to calm Muna down or I wasn’t getting any tonight.
“Baby, why are you angry again? just ignore him” I implored as I stepped into the room
“I have three months to ignore him, you just sat there and said nothing. He embarrassed me in front of his guest”
“Ok, I would do the dishes” I said wrapping my hands around her while kissing her shoulder. “Do you feel better about that? ”
“I know why you suddenly want to do the chores”
“You know I just want to make you happy”
“Yes, I know and satisfy your joystick too abi”
“Hmmmm” My hands were already finding their way beneath her skimpy shirt and I noticed she had already taken off her bra. Lord of mercy, her skin was smooth and so soft; I had a flush of desire bursting in me as I recalled the many times this skin has driven me beyond my edge. I knew I had to have her now, the delay was already unbearable. Her resistance was slowly fading off as she let out a low moan when my hand cupped her bosoms. I dragged her shirt over her head, covering my lips with hers I kissed her like my life depended on it, maybe it really depended on it. I knew the pleasure I was feeling now was going to be a joke compared to what was coming. Muna was always the one who could do this to me, no one else.


No one else mattered right now in my life, David was the center and I had my eyes on the price. I stroked my tommy out of habit, it was always a form of reassurance I gave myself. I drove into the shopping mall, I had become an obsessive shopaholic, buying almost everything I saw for my baby. First time mothers can relate to this. I was glad I saw a parking space swiftly, as I was walking into the mall when I noticed a tall figure walking towards me with a broad smile. I took off my sunglasses for a clearer view just to be sure I wasn’t imagining things, when recognition dawned on me, I almost froze on the spot. I knew he had seen me and I had no hiding place it was better I faced him, my heart was beating faster than usual. The irony of life, some months ago he didn’t have this effect on me.
“Hello Linda” He said with his ever ready smile
“Hello Bode” I responded courteously.
“Long time no see” He said, he was confused on whether to hug me or give me a handshake. I understood his confusion considering the circumstances. “You look good, the last time we saw should be at the party”
“Yes, the party”.
The damned party, that changed everything. Yes, Bode is a part of this whole situation I am in probably the Genesis of the problem and a revelation I wasn’t ready to reveal just yet.


DJ STiphBami – Beats and Juice (BJ 2021)

Mani Lapussh – SHIGè

Shadow – Dead Roses

TareeQ – Medicine



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