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The Flatmates [Episode 3]

The Flatmates

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I was picking my black pair of socks from the drawer where I arranged them when David walked into my room, I sighed already weary of the discussion we were about to have.

“Guy, why did you have to do that?” He asked

“Do what?” I countered

“Barging into the room, just to talk about a running tap. Really, was that necessary or you just wanted to ruin my night?”

“You barged into my house yesterday without prior notice, bringing a guest for three months so you don’t have a right to complain when your privacy is being invaded also”

“Just admit what you did was totally unnecessary”, He continued. I knew he was treading carefully so as not to offend me, David was not always this subtle.

‘Okay, I have to go to work now’ I dismissed him.

“On a Saturday?” He asked obviously trying to change the topic

“I will be back by noon, I just need to clear a few issues on my desk before Monday.”

“Martin” He called out stopping me in my tracks

I paused at the door, watching him intently.

“Guy, abeg no fuck me up. Don’t ever mention Linda to Muna, just try to get along with her. Keep a reasonable, friendly distance while I try to convince her to stay somewhere else.”

“Ok, I need to go now”

“Thank God, I only moved a few things, how would I have explained not having any single property here again” He continued trying to chit chat

I didn’t know what he wanted me to say to him, tap him on the back for being such a genius or smart play boy, he followed behind me as we walked to the sitting room in silence, I made a detour to the kitchen to get a bottle of water. I stopped in my tracks when I saw the dark skinned invader I had in my house ransacking my kitchen cabinet.

“What are you searching for?” I asked.

She was visibly startled, “I want to make something quick for breakfast, but it seems there is nothing here” She explained because I knew I was looking at her with a curious stare.

“Yes, I am not a kitchen person, I have some beverages, and I believe that should do. Check that cabinet over there” I said

She followed the direction of my finger, but she was a bit lacking in height, her struggle to get the cabinet open made the length of her already skimpy gown go higher than necessary.

“Let me help you with that” I volunteered, just because I wanted to get out of the uncomfortable view I was getting “Please put them back in the same place when you are done” I advised.

She crossed her arms, leaning on the wall watching me without a response. I picked a bottle of water from the refrigerator, but stopped in my tracks as I was about leaving the kitchen

“I am sorry for my actions yesterday, can we try and be cordial since we would be occupying this house alone most times for the next three months”

“OK, apologies accepted” She said with a slight smile.

I walked out of the kitchen, secretly hoping she doesn’t turn the place upside down before the end of the day.

I silently prayed I wouldn’t bump into Jessica, I didn’t need her overzealous pleasantries right now. I made it to the parking lot in peace, as I drove out of the building I was already dreading coming back home at the same time anticipating the next turn of events.


I heard the familiar sound of my ring tone, the caller was Bola, I promised to call her but it kept escaping my mind.

“Hello, Babe how far” I asked

“Na your call be this abi. You arrived Lagos yesterday but you haven’t called me”

“No vex, I have plenty gist for you”

“Okay, fill me in. But send me the address of where you are staying I need to see you o” I could feel the excitement in her voice

“I am staying with David”

“Why!” She exclaimed

“Is the reason not obvious enough?” I asked

“It’s a bad idea, don’t give him that much authority over you yet. This is what they call see finish, don’t let this man see you finish”

“He won’t even be around often, that’s the second part of the gist I was getting to” I said trying to give an excuse

“Still doesn’t justify it, but sha give me the gist” She said scolding me

I gave her a precise and edited version of yesterday’s event, she was silent for a few seconds as if she was processing what I just said.

“So, he won’t be around often and you would be staying with his friend. You have a lot of relatives in Lagos, why don’t you stay with one of them and avoid all this”

“Joy, I have heard. I am considering it already” I said dismissing the topic “Come around tomorrow na, let’s see”

“Ok, sure thing. Cook better rice and stew”

“These men don’t have one single thing in this kitchen, except I go to market today. I will find the strength.”

“If you can find strength to do some bad things, you had better get food ready for me tomorrow’

“Till then”.

“Is the other guy good looking?”

“I don’t know, you would see him tomorrow”

“Hmmmm, see you tomorrow” She said ending the call.

I searched the refrigerator and luckily I found bread, it was surprising David and his flat mate had no food stuff in the house, David wasn’t a good cook but he usually kept some basic food stuff in the house. Maybe, he didn’t see the need to as I wasn’t in town I thought. I remembered I still had some unpacking to do, and clothes still scattered around my bag, I mentally placed a reminder to do that after eating.

“I would need some money to go to the market” I demanded while sipping my tea carefully, it was hotter than I expected.

“How much?” He asked

“N8,000 will do”

“What do you intend cooking, is that not a bit high?” He argued

“There is nothing in this house, and we both live in this country, nothing is cheap again”

“Ok, I would need to step out and use the ATM”

“Please do that early, so I can leave soon”

“I had other plans for today, why don’t we eat out and I spend the rest of the day memorizing every inch of our body”

I felt a thrill from his proposition, giving him one of my charming smiles “You have all night to do that, I have a guest tomorrow I need to prepare something for her” I locked lips with him, settling on his laps with my two spread on both sides of his leg, I stroked the back of his head. His hands were spread below my waist line as he made an attempt to squeeze my backside.

“Mr Man, don’t get too excited” I cautioned with a sly smile as I felt his growing excitement, pushing his hands off.

“Why do I feel you are tormenting me on purpose?” He asked sounding exhausted.

“The anticipation makes the climax even better” I teased. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold back this night, my anger was fading already.


I placed a call to Linda immediately I drove out of Martin’s apartment. I had switched off my phone, I knew she would have tried to call me.

“Hello wifey, so sorry I didn’t call earlier. My battery was flat” I explained quickly before she asked

“Ok, I guessed so. How is your trip going?”

“Very well, I would be back Monday morning before heading to the office”

“I miss you” She said

“I miss you too” I responded out of obligation and habit.
“Daddy called me this morning, he wants to know why we haven’t started preparations for the Church wedding”

Not again, I thought. “Baby, let’s talk about this when I get home not over the phone” I responded.

“I know, but I would start showing soon and I don’t want to wear a gown with a protruding tommy and my family doesn’t want that too”

“Ok, we would talk about this when I get home” I insisted

She let out a tired breath as she knew there was no point arguing with me at this time.

“I will call you back later in the day, I am driving now” I said in a hurry to end the conversation

My mind was a pool of activities as I stepped into the complex, I need to stall this wedding plans, I need to have those documents and money released soon without being tied to this woman. Or maybe I should just get married to her and be next CEO to her father’s company. No, I thought this was not the plan David, I scolded myself. I was so engrossed in my thoughts I didn’t notice a lady waving at me as she drove past me. They say there is no perfect crime, there is also no perfect cheating husband.


DJ STiphBami – Beats and Juice (BJ 2021)

Mani Lapussh – SHIGè

Shadow – Dead Roses

TareeQ – Medicine


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