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The Flatmates [Episode 2]

The Flatmates

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I slammed the door as I headed to the bathroom, I was still fuming and trying as much as possible not to throw a tantrum. I tried to hum Kiss Daniel’s Mama” in my head as I scrubbed my back but it wasn’t helping. I was already having a bad feeling about this trip, I replayed the call between my mum and I in my head, she was a bit relaxed I had gotten to my destination but still tried convincing me to stay with my uncle. It wasn’t such a bad idea, what was the point of staying in this house if David will be around only a few times.

I tucked the towel tightly to my chest, walked back to the room, David was already lying in bed with his phone in hand. I hissed in irritation as I rummaged through my bag in search of my night wear, my organization skill was terrible. I remembered my mum asking me to pack what I would need for the first night separately because she knew how disorganized I was. I wished I had listened to her as I was almost unleashing all the contents of the bag to the floor, till I caught a glimpse of the pink satin material. I pulled it out, more clothes dropping on the floor as I did this, I sighed deciding to arrange them back tomorrow.

I pulled the extremely see through material over my head, I had purchased it some months back while window shopping, I knew it would come handy for trips like this but now I was more concerned about going to bed. I adjusted the ribbon holding my hair, making sure no strand escaped the bond, luckily my hair net was in my handbag so I was saved another ultimate search.

“You are still mad at me right?” David asked placing his phone on the night stand beside the bed

“No, why should I be mad? Is it because you are going on office duties? Or because I have to stay alone with your friend? Or is it because I was planning this trip for months now and you knew this and said nothing?” I know I am sounding like Lil Kesh at the moment.

“Ok, you are extremely furious about this” He said knowing I was being sarcastic, “I am really sorry, don’t ruin this trip for us. I will try to be available as often as I can”

“As you wish” I responded, settling beside him, pulling the duvet over my chest.

“How long will you be mad at me?” He asked

“As long as necessary”

“You can’t be wearing that and still be mad at me” He pleaded, wrapping his arms around me as he hugged me from behind.

“I am too tired please” I tried to shrug him off

“Hmmmmmm” He ignored my protest, raining wet kisses on my shoulders. “Can I at least have a proper kiss now” He murmured. The tiny sleeve of my night dress was slipping off my shoulders, I decided to let him have his way so I can sleep in peace, a man with an erection is always a restless man. I knew all the twerk moves I had practiced that will make even Blac Chyna and Amber Rose feel like learners was not going to be needed this night, this had to be short and quick. I was having a bad headache already, maybe it was the trip or the annoying man currently squeezing my bosoms, I silently apologized to my future children.

Soon, we were under the sheet, he was trying to take off my nightie but I was forming a little resistance, he has to earn it sometimes. I was giggling like like a shy teenage girl, the tiny sleeves of my nightgown were dropping down my shoulders, leaving my cleavage exposed to his lust filled eyes. We were in our own world and didn’t realise we had a third eye with us.

“You left the tap running, the sound is driving me crazy and I can’t concentrate”
I jumped out of David’s embrace instinctively, dragged the duvet above my chest, trying as much as possible to appear modest.
“What are you doing here? Don’t you knock?” I barked at him.
“I did knock but I got no answer and the door was open” He said, like that would justify his action.
“You don’t just barge into my room, and I am not putting off the tap. You can put it off on your way to your room, you are the only one bothered about it”
“I have a way I like.. ”
“I will go and put off the tap” David cut in, giving Martin a warning glance.
I watched them leave the room, “Pervert!” I muttered with annoyance.
Minutes later I heard David return to the room, he trailed kisses on my shoulder
“I am sorry” He pleaded
“Your friend is a pervert, you can’t leave me alone here with him, what if he makes it a habit to come into my room unannounced”
“He won’t do that, Martin is almost a case of an obsessive compulsive person. He likes to have things in order every time and a bit stubborn, I will talk to him but don’t let this stop our fun”
His hands were wandering already beneath my blouse, I pushed him away in irritation.
“I have a headache, it’s time to sleep. I am suddenly no longer in the mood. How am I sure there are no hidden cameras here?”
“Muna, please don’t be too dramatic”
“David Ohalete! I said I am not in the mood, please put off the light before your friend will say it’s too bright for his concentration too”
He let out an exasperated breath, he knew it was time to let me be.
I closed my eyes, three months of bliss suddenly seemed like three months of wahala


How did I get myself into this? Muna is not as docile as I assumed she was, I looked at the lady beside me and the image of the quick glance I got of her while she was taking off her towel crossed my mind, I felt the stirring in my loins again but I knew this night wasn’t going to be my lucky night. I remembered my wife, Linda and I could feel my erection deflating. This was a messy arrangement but I knew I had to follow it through, yes I know you would think I am one of those men that earned the male folks the ‘Yoruba demon’ tag. My friend Martin was another issue I had to worry about, how would Muna stay here for three months and not find out about my marital status, why would he come in here just to talk about a running tap, why not turn it off! . I was not fully married as I liked to assume, just traditional rites doesn’t make you tied to one woman yet. Yes, I said so, go and argue with your ancestors. I need to speak with Martin about this, he can’t be the over righteous friend who would burst my bubble, I knew I had to be subtle as not to piss him off and still reach a compromise . I knew Muna and Martin as flatmates was a disaster waiting to happen, they were two opposite people, but I think I convince her to stay with her uncle soon. I looked at the sleeping body beside me, she was going to be my bride someday. Don’t ask me how or wonder how, I just had to follow the plan while you follow my story and you would understand, even if you don’t e no epp anybody.

I finally went to bed while trying to come up with activities to get Muna out of her mood before I had to return to my second life, I was beginning to feel like an undercover agent with two lives. You are thinking I am just giving my predicament a honorable title, but have you tried living two lives before? If no, then get that thought out of your head.


I switched off the T.V, I knew I had to go to bed soon. I was scared of staying alone, maybe I should read a book. David was going to be out of town for two days, our romance was a short one and we shocked a lot of people when we announced our marriage. The first time I met him was at my father’s office, he had this face that made you want to steal another glance and I knew he was perfect for me. I began setting my plans to have him, it was all carefully planned, and nothing was a coincidence. David thought it was sheer luck we kept bumping into each other, but he was fooled perfectly by me. I know you are already pictured me as a desperate single girl looking for a man to tie down with baby daddy duties like that Uju girl following Burna Boy like ant and sugar. No, I am in love with my husband as he is with me. I rubbed my tummy, as a smile spread across my lips. I rubbed my tummy instinctively as I thought of the little life growing in my uterus, “This is all for you my little one” I said out loud. You all will understand this statement in time. I drifted to sleep knowing I had to get the church wedding to happen very soon, and I insist I am not desperate, we are in love.


DJ STiphBami – Beats and Juice (BJ 2021)

TareeQ – Medicine



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