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Vision, Not Ethnicity Should Determine Nigeria’s President In 2023 – Rochas Okorocha

Rochas OkorochaEx governor of Imo State and present Senator representing Imo West, Rochas Okorocha has come out to say that ethnicity should not determine Nigeria’s next president.

This is his reaction to Northern leaders insisting that the presidency should stay in the North and South-South leaders disagreeing.

Speaking to the press in Abuja recently, Rochas said ethnicity or religion should have no place in politics because poverty knows no tribe or religion.

His words, “I believe that power must be given to the person that has the vision irrespective of where he comes from because tribe cannot put food on the table of common man or guarantee security,”

“As you see the politics of today, everybody looks up to the North because it has the large chunk of votes to determine who becomes the President of Nigeria.

“One good thing I know of the North, especially the Islamic world, is that a good Muslim is a man of conscience who believes in equity, justice and unity.

“That is the only hope for anybody who wants to contest from the southern region. The North can say for the purpose of equity and not showing tribal and religious differences, that the North, having served as President, let somebody from the South be the President.”

“The Igbo alone cannot make themselves the President. The quicker they come together and start shoring up support from the North and other parts of the region, the better it is to realise the dream.

“I know we shall come up to that point one day when who becomes the President would not be based on tribe or religion. For as long we keep promoting tribal and religious sentiments, we are not getting it right.

“We need somebody who can move this country forward. What Nigeria needs now is that man who would emerge as President and continue with unity of Nigerians just as we see ourselves during football matches.”

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